Beyond Fest Video Highlights from The Monster Squad Q&A

Fred Dekker, Ashley Bank and Andre Gower came out to the Egyptian Theater for a 35mm screening of The Monster Squad in Hollywood last night. The event was put on by Beyond Fest and presented by The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail. Below, you’ll find just a few snippets from the post-screening Q&A with Dekker and two of his cast members.

Here, Dekker explains how the Wolf Man make-up was supposed to be based on the visage of FX artist Stan Winston, Bank talks candidly about working with method actor Tom Noon (who plays the Frankenstein monster in the film) and Dekker recounts his dialogue with Universal when he approached them about utilizing the classic monsters. He takes a good jab at them; here’s a transcript of that bit…

Gallery: What If the Scooby Gang Met the Monster Squad?

The Monster Squad of Fred Dekker’s film meets the Scooby gang in a new illustrated series from Travis Falligant. The artist has been getting a lot of attention for his Scooby mash-ups which previously found Scooby and his Mystery Inc. companions meeting contemporary horror villains. For his latest batch of work, Falligant created “The Mighty Monster Mash-Up.” Check out the illustrations in our gallery here along with his previous works. For more, visit his Facebook page.

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