Fantasia Review: The House at the End of Time is an Inventive, Great Supernatural…

The House at the End of Time is one of the most inventive supernatural thrillers to come along in a while – an impressive, confident and creepy debut from Venezuelan writer-director Alejandro Hidalgo. This fresh voice in the genre adopts many of the usual genre tropes, however, he crafts them in a relentless, meticulous manner to serve a story that is full of shocking twists and turns.

The film doesn’t waste any time either. In the first 10 minutes it effectively manages to provide two solid jolts involving leading lady Ruddy Rodriguez (as “Dulce”) who awakens on the floor of her home bleeding and surrounded by shards of a broken mirror. Moments later, we find Dulce being arrested for the murder of her husband and son. Flash forward 30 years later and Dulce is an elderly woman being released from prison but who is under house arrest in the very home she supposedly committed her crimes in.