The Bloodcast 92: Halloween Horror Nights, Fantastic Fest Highlights & October…

The Bloodcast returns after a week off to begin October with a bit of catching up and looking forward. Hosts Clarke Wolfe and Ryan Turek recount their trips to Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando) and Fantastic Fest in Austin, respectively. Clarke recounts her favorite mazes while Ryan talks about the film highlights of the fest. They then move on to preview Beyond Fest in Los Angeles and the major horror releases coming to theaters and VOD this month.

One Way Static is Bringing Some Choice Night Train to Terror Tracks to Vinyl

Night Train to Terror. There’s definitely something in the air about this film. I’ve heard it discussed on multiple podcasts; hell, I even caught up to it for the first time to discuss on The Bloodcast when we tackled anthology films. This stitched together flick is now getting some love on vinyl. The cats at One Way Static are releasing a 7″ EP that will feature the tracks “Everybody But You” and “Grettas Theme.” You can listen to both at One Way’s site. There you can pre-order the film if you live overseas or in the U.S.

The Bloodcast 89: The Art of Marketing Horror Films

Think selling an audience on a horror film is easy? Think again.

For decades Hollywood has adjusted to new strategies to sell their scare flicks and, for this 89th edition of The Bloodcast, hosts Clarke Wolfe and Ryan Turek look at what has worked and what hasn’t.

The Bloodcast 87: Exploring the Films of Guillermo del Toro

With The Strain enjoying a successful run on FX, Bloodcast hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe dive into the works of Guillermo del Toro as part of their Director’s Series.

From Cronos to The Strain and everything in between, which Del Toro productions are their favorites? Which hold up best? Are there any franchises they’d like to see more from?

The Bloodcast 86: Guest Nicholas McCarthy & Men in Horror

The Bloodcast returns this week with Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe welcoming a very special guest: The Pact and At The Devil’s Door writer-director Nicholas McCarthy.

Ryan, Clarke and Nicholas are discussing men in horror. What male protagonists resonate in the horror genre? What movies with male leads stand the test of time? Further, what role do they fill within the subtextual layers of horror?

The Bloodcast Episode 82: Kid-Friendly Horror – What Works & Where Did It…

Bloodcast listeners have asked: What kind of kid-friendly horror is out there for my child? Well, in this episode, hosts Ryan and Clarke listened and compiled a list of titles that might work for your little one. They also explore why there has been a lack of live-action kid-friendly horror fare within the last decade or so (emphasis on live-action, not animation). But first, what have the two been watching (like Burnt Offerings, American Horror Story: Coven and Dark City), their thoughts on The Leftovers, and more!

The Bloodcast Episode 78: Our Favorite Horror Films of the ’00s

This weekend onThe Bloodcast hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe are beginning a new series discussing their favorite horror films by decade.

First up: the 2000s.

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit titles like American Psycho, Cabin Fever, The Descent and many, many more. Also in this episode, the pair recap a night at the Great Horror Campout, the season four penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, Maniac Cop and more!

The Bloodcast Episode 77: Sleepaway Camp & Spoiler Culture

?This episode of The Bloodcast features a menagerie of topics. Hosts Ryan and Clarke begin by recapping their night at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Fox held a special Sleepy Hollow event for both seasons 1 and 2.

They also discuss some of the films they saw over the last week (such as The Devil’s Advocate and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) and touch on the topic of the chilling true life attempted murder of a 12-year-old girl that reportedly carried a tie to the urban legend “Slender Man.” Then it’s on to…Sleepaway Camp!