Bronx-Bound for the Deliver Us From Evil Set Visit

We always knew hell was in the Bronx.

On the night of July 12, 2013, we took it upon ourselves to visit the set of supernatural police procedural Deliver Us From Evil (at the time titled Beware the Night) as it lensed in arguably New York’s most unappreciated borough. Directed by horror favorite Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister) and starring our favorite ex-Hulk Eric Bana, the film is taken from the files of real-life cop-turned-demonologist Ralph Sarchie.

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Exclusive: On the Set of The Quiet Ones, Director John Pogue Interview

nspired by true events surrounding the infamous “Philip Experiment” that took place in Toronto, 1972, The Quiet Ones tells the story of an unorthodox, but charismatic Oxford University professor who uses controversial methods to lead his best students off the grid to take part in dangerous research…to create a poltergeist from negative human energy.

Starring Jared Harris, Sam Claflin and Erin Richards, the supernatural thriller is the Hammer follow-up to its record-breaking box-office hit The Woman in Black. It continues the welcome revival of the veteran House of Horror brand name under the auspices of Hammer CEO Simon Oakes which has just completed The Woman in Black: Angel of Death sequel and recently announced remakes of The Abominable Snowman and Gaslight.

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On the Set: In Search of Godzilla & Unraveling the Film’s Secrets

The weak and the wounded rest on slabs of broken concrete in the fading sun. Around them, others are sifting through the rubble while armed soldiers train their vigilant eyes on any signs of danger. Godzilla has been here and this writer has been tasked to track his movements, get a good look at the creature and report back with my findings.

This outdoor scene of carnage – a piece of smoldering, destroyed building littered with civilians and soldiers – speaks volumes about Godzilla

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On the Set Interview: Bryan Cranston vs. Godzilla

Some actors really know how to say “thank you” to their crew. I’ve seen all signs of appreciation in my time visiting various productions. Some actors offer gifts to key crew members. Milla Jovovich, the last we checked in on a Resident Evil film, brought in a taco truck every week or so.

Bryan Cranston catered to his Godzilla team’s sweet tooth with an ice cream truck. And not just any ice cream truck. This ice cream truck features flavors nicknamed after Godzilla. What a guy…