Retro Shock Theater: John Carpenter’s Vampires

With the final installment of the Twilight saga now out, horror fans seeking some counterbalance might be craving a film slightly less sympathetic towards bloodsuckers and less interested in wooing the teen girl demographic. To that end, I recommend John Carpenter

Retro Shock Theater: Frogs

By the 1970s, mankind had finally realized that, as species go, we were pretty much the worst thing to ever happen to the planet

Retro Shock Theater: The Unborn (1991)

Horror tales are often thought of as being concerned solely with the end of life, preying on our universal fears of death and decay, but the act of bringing new life into the world has provided almost equal inspiration for terror with pregnancy, birth, and the rearing of children continually exploited for all their panicked possibilities. 

With the very likely to be heinous romantic comedy What To Expect When You