Paramount Confirms Paranormal Activity 4

Paramount Pictures is celebrating today.  The studio announced it has topped all of the other studios in terms of worldwise box office.  They won the pissing contest earning $5.17 billion in worldwide sales.  Interesting?  Sure.  But what some folks are overlooking in Paramount’s press release is confirmation that, heretofore has only been speculation, the Paranormal Activity saga will indeed continue this fall.

The Best in Horror 2011 (Spencer’s Picks)

You may have noticed a different byline on Shock.  Spencer Perry is new regular contributor to this site – he’s been doing a lot of comic book reviews as of late, but he’ll stretch his legs in other mediums soon – and we welcomed him to toss his top five favorite horror films of 2011 our way.  Head inside for his list! – Ryan Turek, Managing Editor 

Paranormal Activity 3 DVD, Blu-ray Details

Paramount Home Entertainment has officially announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 3.  

The threequel is expected to hit both formats, as well as On Demand, January 24.   The studio is also offering something as an added incentive to those Paranormal fans out there.