Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface & Pennywise Featured in New Art Prints

The things you find on Instagram… The prints you see via our gallery here have been popping up in my feed, so I had to track down the artist and see what they were all about.
The man behind illustrations is Gabrial Hernandez of Worthy Enemies. He has reimagined some of the big contemporary icons of our time like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pennywise and Michael Myers. Prints of these bad boys are going to be made available via the Worthy Enemies site here. Right now, they’re just listed as “coming soon” but keep your eyes peeled!

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Video: Malek Akkad, Mike Aiello Talk Halloween Maze, Franchise & More!

The Shape has surfaced in Florida. For the first time, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Orlando welcomes Michael Myers for a maze dedicated to John Carpenter’s Halloween.
Much like the attraction that debuted at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, the maze culls some of the most iconic, terrifying moments from the 1978 slasher classic and beckons visitors to creep through dark hallways, backyards and living rooms and other recognizable backdrops. They’ll meet Dr. Loomis, Laurie, Annie, Lynda and, of course, Michael Myers along the way, narrowly escaping his butcher knife.

Halloween Rumor Control: Akkad Says News ‘Inaccurate’

Well, that was fast. Mind you, I’m not knocking the Schmoes Know guys – they’re a good group – but I had to do some due diligence and dig into today’s Halloween rumors.
I reached out to producer Malek Akkad who told me the news “is not accurate” and there’s really not enough info to share on the progress of the next film at this time.

Meanwhile, over at the official Halloween Movies Facebook page, the following message:

Rank ‘Em! The Many Faces of Michael Myers from Best to Worst!

When Ryan asked me to join the fray and contribute a ranking for one of our favorite movie maniacs, I assumed Michael Myers had already been taken – but as it turns out, he had been mistakenly overlooked! I consider it quite an honor to pay tribute to one of the oldest of the cinematic slayers being focused on for this series, and it’s even more exciting for me personally since Myers is and will always be my favorite of the bunch.

But HOW would I rank the films? I’ve done it by film preference a dozen times on Twitter and such, and that seemed boring to me as I am not a fan of repeating myself.

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Halloween 3 Gains Some Momentum This Week

This week, B-D said that The Weinstein Co./Dimension Films is building some sort of awareness for Halloween 3 at the Cannes film market. This is rather significant because the company has not said much about a threequel for quite some time. Still, I was hesitant to report because, honestly, they never stopped developing it. They’ve been kicking around a threequel since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II came out.

As of last fall, when I spoke to some folks at Trancas International, they were still looking for the “right pitch” but were not finding it. So, it’s not as if the project has died. It’s always going. Just like TWC/Dimension are still looking for a right approach to Hellraiser. Projects quiet down, but it doesn’t mean they’re dead.