First Details, Trailer for the Found Footage Thriller Lucky Bastard

There’s a new found footage thriller making the rounds, and looking for a home, called Lucky Bastard.  The film takes its inspiration from those pornos in which an average Joe is selected to sleep with a real porn star on camera.  Here, the porno series is called Lucky Bastard and the average Joe turns out to be a bit…”off.”

The film is directed by Robert Nathan, no stranger to television, and it stars Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine 3D), Don McManus, Jay Paulson (Don Draper’s baby bro on Mad Men), Catharine Annette and Chris Wylde (The Revenant).  You’ll find the trailer inside.  

Not surprisingly, the film was smacked with an NC-17 rating.  For more details, visit the official site.  We’ll keep you posted when this one land’s distro.