Horror Comics Weekly: Spread, The Squidder, Nightworld & More

Wow, we have some real winners this week. While Blood Queen and The Squidder make solid plot progression, they also prove that sometimes too much exposition can slow down the overall flow of a comic. Nailbiter and Spread continue to be glowing examples of horror comics today and Nightworld gives us a sweet dose of retro goodness.

Horror Comics Weekly: Doctor Spektor #3, Twilight Zone #6, Hack/Slash & More

This week we continue a few series we have already introduced and also bring forward a series that everyone should be reading back catalogue for by the end of this article.

Doctor Spektor and Nailbiter both do great jobs at fluidly telling a story and hooking us in for more, whileHack/Slash sets up a potentially fun hellish ride and Twilight Zone leaves us wanting less words and more satisfaction.

Annihilator, Town Called Dragon, Dreadstalker Coming from Legendary Comics

While it remains to be seen how horror-centric some of these titles will be, Legendary Comics have announced a few new titles that may be right up the horror readers alley. And to par with their namesake, they have some legendary creators attached to the titles. Grant Morrison, one of the most prolific writers of our age, is working on Annihilator (pictured) with artist Frazer Irving. Judd Winnick, the main voice behind the biographic comic Pedro and Me and a longstanding well received run on Exiles, will be bringing us A Town Called Dragon. Last, but certainly not least, Matt Wagner (creator of Mage and Grendel) is working on Dreadstalker. A small synopsis of the comics follows below.

Horror Comics Weekly: The Empty Man #1, Night of the Living Deadpool TPB

This week, we get a new number one to throw into the ring with The Empty Man from Boom! Studios. Also, Marvel dropped their TPB (trade paperback for new readers) for Night of the Living Deadpool. Som we get a solid dose of the post-Apocalypse this week. One ends up being a solid entry into a genre on the rise and the other ends up falling a little bit flat.