Hammer Offered Ben Wheatley Captain Kronos Remake

Simon Oakes tells Empire that Hammer’s redo of the British house of horrors’ Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter is very much alive. In fact, he’s offered the directing gig to Ben Wheatley.

Wheatley, as you know, helmed Kill List and the recent, trippy genre flick A Field in England. Oakes enthusiastically told the outlet this…

Woman in Black Producer to Reboot Hammer’s Abominable Snowman

Hammer is diving back into its archives for its future feature film slate. Screen Daily says The Abominable Snowman is due for a reboot.

The original film came out in 1957 and starred Peter Cushing under the direction of Val Guest. Nigel Kneale penned the script and the BBC play it was based upon. It concerned an expedition in the Himalayas and the search for a Yeti.

Producer Ben Holden (of Hammer’s The Woman in Black) is going to produce.