Halloween Night Short Film Debut: The Afterparty

We close out another week of Halloween Night short films with director Marichelle Daywalt’s “The Afterparty.”

“My office is across the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – a Hollywood landmark,” Daywalt recounts.  “When STYD approached me about doing a short set on Halloween night, I jumped at the chance to shoot something with my husband behind the camera.  And having an iconic backdrop like the Chinese was icing on the cake for both of us. We were like kids in a candy store!”

Head inside and experience “The Afterparty” now.  For previous short films in our exclusive series, click here.  And tune in next week for our final entries!

Halloween Night Short Film Debut: Witches Brew

Fangoria’s Rebekah McKendry – my co-host of Dead Right Horror Trivia Night here in Los Angeles – has contributed to our Halloween Night short film series with her story, “Witches Brew.”

“As a child, Halloween was my favorite time of year,” McKendry says.  “I have a fond memories of the spooky stories and creepy games that are staples at children’s’ Halloween parties.  Dave (writer) and I used these childhood memories as inspiration for Witches Brew.” 

Our short film series kicked off earlier this month.  It features various indie horror filmmakers telling a bite-sized tale of terror set on, of course, Halloween night.  For previous Halloween Night short films, click here.

Halloween Night Short Film Debut: Scary Mask

Adventure Time scribe Dick Grunert brings us “Scary Mask,” the latst short film in ShockTillYouDrop.com’s exclusive Halloween Night series.  

“I wanted to do something that played more like a dark comedy, with equal doses of horror and comedy,” Grunert says.  His short film concerns a party crasher who invades the wrong Halloween party.  You can watch it inside!

Although Grunert writes for a popular Cartoon Network series, he says his true love is horror.  In addition to “Scary Mask,” he created the anthology radio drama “Dead of Night Radio,” now on iTunes.  His screenplay, Community Service of the Damned, was named one of the 5 Best Un-Produced Screenplays at the 2013 Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival, and his latest screenplay, Inhumane, made the Quarter-Finals at the 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival.

Halloween Night Short Film Debut: Festival of the Dead

Our original short film series, Halloween Night, rolls on with “Festival of the Dead,” a young girl’s surreal trip through one of our favorites nights of the year.

The short comes to us from newcomer Benjamin Wright, who has a love for all genres of film, but has never forgotten his first: horror. He

Halloween Night Short Film Debut: Candy – NSFW

Monday, we delivered you a “Trick,” then we offered “Bits and Pieces,” now, open wide for “Candy,” the latest short film to exclusively debut here at ShockTillYouDrop.com as part of our “Halloween Night” short film series.

“Halloween Night” features the works of a handful of indie directors.  Their task?  Tell a bite-sized tale set on, naturally, Halloween night.

“Candy” comes to us from filmmaker Jourdan McClure, director of Rogue River and the upcoming After Dark Films project Children of Sorrow.  Ryan Finnerty scripted this nasty little nugget of one man’s truly perverse and disgusting evening.

I do have to warn you, it’s NSFW if you can’t handle gore.  This one delivers!  For our previous shorts click here.

Halloween Night Short Film Debut: Bits and Pieces

Welcome to the second entry in our “Halloween Night” film series in which a handful of indie directors came together to whip a series of shorts that take place on our favorite night of the year.  We began with Mickey Keating’s “Trick.”  Today, we give you director Jenn Wexler’s “Bits and Pieces,” starring Larry Fessenden and Hanna Cheek.

Wexler is a writer-director based out of Brooklyn.  Her first two shorts,

Shock’s Halloween Night Short Film Series Begins With ‘Trick’

For ShockTillYouDrop.com, Halloween is felt all year round.  When October rolls around, it’s difficult to break out of our normal routine of coverage, however, I think Shock has something truly special for you.

Today, we’re kicking of “Halloween Night,” a series of short films shot and debuting exclusively here and directed by some terrific indie filmmakers.

That said, allow me to introduce you to Trick by director – and “Halloween Night” mastermind – Mickey Keating.  He completed the feature film Ritual within the last year and it’s arriving on DVD from Lionsgate Home Ent./After Dark Films on December 31st.