The Bloodcast Episode 73 is All About Creature Designs, Reader Questions & More!

This week on The Bloodcast, find out what happens when you mix margaritas, Taco Bell and horror as hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe get loosey-goosey.

The pair discuss everything from Showtime’s Penny Dreadful pilot to this week’s release All Cheerleaders Die and the upcoming Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser I & II.

They then answer listener questions, pitch ideas for Insidious Chapter 3 and Halloween 3, discuss their horror collections and name their favorite movie monsters and make-up design. Listen in to the longest episode yet this week on The Bloodcast!

Halloween 3 Gains Some Momentum This Week

This week, B-D said that The Weinstein Co./Dimension Films is building some sort of awareness for Halloween 3 at the Cannes film market. This is rather significant because the company has not said much about a threequel for quite some time. Still, I was hesitant to report because, honestly, they never stopped developing it. They’ve been kicking around a threequel since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II came out.

As of last fall, when I spoke to some folks at Trancas International, they were still looking for the “right pitch” but were not finding it. So, it’s not as if the project has died. It’s always going. Just like TWC/Dimension are still looking for a right approach to Hellraiser. Projects quiet down, but it doesn’t mean they’re dead.