ShockTillYouDrop.com Gets An Early Look at the Godzilla Encounter in San Diego!

A word of warning to those attending Comic-Con International San Diego: Godzilla has landed.

ShockTillYouDropcom was part of an elite group of entertainment journalists invited by Legendary Pictures to attend the interactive Godzilla Encounter in San Diego’s Gaslamp District. The event set to run through Sunday, you can read about how to reserve your own free tickets by clicking here.

Equal part museum and theme park ride, the Encounter is housed in a freestanding structure not far from the convention center. Decorated on the outside with the Japanese “Gojira” logo (the original name for the reptilian behemoth), the building is surrounded by in-character military officers and yellow caution tape. Once guests step through the front door, they’re treated to a replica of a small Tokyo shopping district with innumerable references to the history of the Godzilla character.