The Exorcist III Finally Gets the T-Shirts It Deserves

The Exorcist III, William Peter Blatty’s overlooked and excellent sequel, is getting some love via Fright Rags. They’ve compiled art work from a handful of artists – Jeff Zornow, Coki Greenway, Justin Osbourn and Christopher Lovell – for four new tees that are going to be available for pre-order on November 12th at 10am EST. And yes, as you’ll see, “that scary moment” has been fully realized on a shirt.

Fright Rags New Designs! Salem’s Lot, Friday the 13th Part 2 & More!

Fright Rags, that establishment that proclaims they “make kick-ass horror shirts!” (hard to dispute that, has revealed a handful of new designs that are currently up for sale. On the limited edition side, there’s “Ginny’s Revenge” which takes its cue from Friday the 13th Part 2. Then there’s a sweet Barlow tee inspired by Salem’s Lot; a Headless Horseman design; and, finally, a Witchboard tee. All of them very cool, check ’em out in the gallery here and click here to get ordering!

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Fright Rags Gives Voorhees & Krueger the Classic Comic Book Treatment

Fright Rags unveiled three new t-shirts brandishing a “classic comic book” cover style employing two of our favorite movie maniacs: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Inspired by “The Incredible Hulk,” “X-Men,” and “Venom” – these shirts are on sale now and are only being printed once. Which one are you after? Click on any print below for a link to the store!

Fright Rags Reveals the New G.I. Jason

Your pals at Fright Rags are at it again. They’re teasing this weeks shirt release: A follow-up to their popular “G.I. Jason” design! This one features Kane Hodder’s Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood worked into a G.I. Joe-like toy layout. Fun stuff. Pre-orders for this kick off this Friday the 13th at 10am EST/7pm Pacific at Fright Rags’ official site.

Celebrate Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s 40th Anniversary With These New T-Shirts

Fright Rags wants to help you celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by putting Leatherface all over your chest with five new t-shirts for you guys and gals out there.

Godmachine, Jason Edmiston, Justin Osbourn, Abrar Ajmal and Jeff Zornow each offer a unique take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s iconic madman, Leatherface – check them out in the gallery here.

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