Vamps Come Out for Fright Night 2: New Blood Images

The first images from Fright Night 2: New Blood have come in, you can check them out by accessing the photo gallery inside.  The Fox Home Entertainment release hits DVD and Blu-ray October 1st.

When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend

Here’s the Cover Art for Fright Night 2…

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has revealed the official DVD/Blu-ray art for Fright Night 2: New Blood, arriving October 1st.

Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, the sequel to the 2011 remake sound like a remake itself: When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend

The Trailer for Fright Night 2 Has Hit the Web

Internet! You disappoint me…  The trailer for Fright Night 2: New Blood was handed out to visitors of the Fox Home Entertainment booth at Comic-Con and it has taken this long for it to hit YouTube!

After the jump, check out a raw look at the direct-to-DVD film arriving October 1st.  I don’t quite understand where this movie is coming from as it doesn’t seem to acknowledge the 2011 remake and it also appears to be a remake in and of itself.

When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend

Fright Night 2 Trailer Arrives This Week, Get Comic-Con Swag

The sequel to 2011’s Fright Night remake, Fright Night 2, is on the way this fall and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is poised to debut its trailer sometime during Comic-Con.

If you’re heading on down to the San Diego event this week, then be sure to swing by the Fox Home Entertainment booth.  Per a press release:

“Get a sneak peak at the upcoming gore-fest FRIGHT NIGHT 2 with a Comic-Con exclusive flash drive featuring the all-new trailer and more for the film starring Jaime Murray.”

No doubt we’ll get hit with a release date, key art and more this week as well, so stay tuned.

The Next Fright Night Remake, er, Sequel Has a Cast, Writer Revealed

Fright Night 2, a sequel to the 2011 Fright Night remake, has yielded some more details in regards to who is involved in front of and behind the camera.

We already know Eduardo Rodriguez is at the helm.  He directed Curandero and an episode of Fear Itself.  Now, we’ve learned Matt Venne penned the script.  He also hails from Fear Itself as well as Masters of Horror, Mirrors 2 and the Stephen King adaptation Bag of Bones.

Hold Up, So the Fright Night Sequel Is Just Going to Recycle the Same Story With the…

Oh, boy…this is just rich.  Last month we broke the news that Eduardo Rodriguez was going to be at the helm of a direct-to-DVD sequel to the Fright Night remake.  Shooting begins in Romania this month and, today, Bloody-Disgusting learned that Jaime Murray (Dexter season 2) was going to star.

But this is where things get funny/sad.  The plot synopsis the site received mirrors the events of the ’85 film/remake except, this time, it’s on foreign soil.  Even a character who died in the original/remake returns…seemingly alive and well.

It makes my head hurt.  Head inside for the plot synopsis.

Direct-to-DVD Fright Night 2 is Moving Ahead, Director Found

When the original Fright Night hit in 1985, fans of the Tom Holland film would not see a sequel until three years later in ’88 when Fright Night Part II opened, reuniting its main cast members Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale.

Now, it appears the 2011 Fright Night remake is spawning a sequel of its own, Fright Night 2, however, don’t expect Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin to make a return. pursued rumors that hit over the weekend that a follow-up was in the works and learned that Eduardo Rodriguez (Curandero, Fear Itself, Stash House) is in line to direct.

The direct-to-DVD sequel will be a stand-alone story and begin shooting in Romania soon.