Exclusive Poster Debut: Lost Soul – The Doomed Journey of Richard…

When I learned David Gregory (Theatre Bizarre, Godfathers of Mondo) had embarked on a documentary that explored Richard Stanley’s time developing the ’90s version of The Island of Dr. Moreau, it instantly skyrocketed to the top of my must-see list. Growing up, I remember reading within the pages of Fangoria about the turmoil Stanley went through. And, as a wannabe filmmaker at the time, I looked at Stanley as this champion – someone fighting the good fight against the studio system to see his film come to fruition. I’m glad to see his story is now being told.

This afternoon, Shock is bringing you the exclusive first look at the poster for Gregory’s Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau. That wonderful art you see below is by genre legend Graham Humphreys.

First Details, Poster Art for the FrightFest Entry ‘XMOOR’

Debuting on August 25th at FrightFest in the UK is XMOOR, a “blood and guts horror film” from writer-director Luke Hyams. That’s a look at the poster art you see here. Hyams has mostly done television work; before this, he helmed the UK film Dubplate Drama.

In XMOOR, the impulsive and beautiful Georgia drags her unwilling boyfriend Matt to the remote English countryside to prove the existence of the legendary Beast of Exmoor.

Film4 FrightFest Announces Impressive Line-Up!

Another year of Film4 FrightFest is creeping up on a horror fans. The stellar annual event is held in London August 21st – 25th.

64 films and 20 shorts are on the deadly program and we’ve got the breakdown for you via this release. Read on and enjoy the fest if you’re one of the lucky ones in the area to check this out!

Are you ready for a monstrous and memorable mayhem of killer claws, cannibalism, cult classics, murderous musicals, chiller thrillers, graphic novel action and sick celluloid masterpieces? Then prepare yourself for the biggest, strongest and most eclectic must-see programme in Film4 FrightFest