Beyond Fest Photo Gallery: Get a Look at Death Waltz’s House of the Devil Vinyl

Death Waltz Records unleashes its The House of the Devil vinyl at Beyond Fest tonight and we were able to snap off a few shots of the package. It’s quite a work of art that would please Satan himself. Keep checking Death Waltz’s site and Twitter account to learn when the leftover stock will be available to everyone else. Tom Hodge provided the cover design. Director Ti West, composer Jeff Grace and others whipped up some liner notes.

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Event Report: Texas Chain Saw Massacre Live Score An Aggressive, Still Terrifying…

Closing out the first ever MondoCon with a scream, Death Waltz Records brought its unique, refreshing mindset for event programming to Austin, Texas with a screening of that 4k restoration of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that’s been touring around the country this year. For fans of the film who have likely already devoured this 40th anniversary print, or for those seeking a different kind of experience, there was a twist to the screening. Tobe Hooper’s seminal, nightmarish classic was accompanied by a live score by Anton Maiovvi and Umberto.
Death Waltz delivered a similar experience in Los Angeles last year when it welcomed Umberto to live score Juan Piquer Sim

MondoCon: Death Waltz Records Heads into the Berberian Sound Studio to Bring The…

More new vinyl news out of MondoCon this weekend. At the Death Waltz Records table, the team presented a look at their next release The Equestrian Vortex. Does that ring a bell?

That’s the film within Berberian Sound Studio with the terrific theme musical and credits sequence. The Equestrian Vortex is arguably the best thing about Peter Strickland’s movie starring Toby Jones.

Mondo Acquires Death Waltz Records!

Some huge ripples are being made in the vinyl pool. Word is breaking today that Mondo has acquired the UK-based Death Waltz Records.
According to a press release, “Mondo and Death Waltz will converge to deliver an even greater offering for music aficionados and film fans alike.

With over two decades of music industry experience, Death Waltz founder, Spencer Hickman, joins the Mondo team as Label Manager to lead both record labels in partnership with Mondo Creative Director, Justin Ismael. Mondo

Night of the Demons Soundtrack is Coming to Vinyl

?Vinyl hounds, listen up. Director Kevin Tenney dropped some big news via his Facebook page overnight and it concerns both Night of the Demons and Witchboard. Indie label Lunaris Records is the latest player in the horror vinyl game, joining the likes of Death Waltz Records, Waxwork Records and One Way Static Records. The company is at work on a CD/LP release of Street Trash and it looks like they’ve got both Night of the Demons and Witchboard on the way, too.

From Tenney…

On Sale Now City of the Living Dead, Godzilla at Death Waltz Records

Death Waltz Records’ next two releases – City of the Living Dead and Godzilla (1954) – are now up for sale via the company’s official site.

Fabio Frizzi’s City of the Living Dead is getting a vinyl releae on July 14th and features the amazing art of Graham Humphreys. Death Waltz is offering a black vinyl edition, a red vinyl edition and a deluxe gatefold edition. Here are the details on the latter…