Clive Barker Offers Major Hellraiser Remake Update!

Hellraiser is one of those remakes that has been in development for so long, it’s hard to keep track of what is happening with it, who is on board and what the approach is going to be. About a year ago, Clive Barker himself revealed that he pitched an idea to Dimension Films and was running with the project, penning a remake himself for the company. Not directing, but writing.

In a recent interview with EW, Barker offered an update on Hellraiser. Here’s an excerpt from this article…

Want a Pair of Tickets to a Private Screening of Nightbreed: Director’s Cut…

This is the year of Nightbreed. The Clive Barker film is getting the long-awaited respect it deserves with a Director’s Cut arriving on Blu-ray and, here in Los Angeles, multiple screenings of this new version are taking place.

One screening will be an intimate affair on October 27th at The Crest Westwood Theater in Westwood at 7pm. Shock Till You Drop is offering up a pair of tickets for one lucky reader who lives in the Los Angeles area. Clive Barker and “special guests” are guaranteed for this private event.

Review: Nightbreed – The Director’s Cut Lends Deeper Insight into the…

Nightbreed’s production and release history is well-known. The rumors of a “director’s cut” well chronicled. So I won’t dish you a history lesson, after all, that’s what Scream Factory’s deluxe Blu-ray edition is here for and it does it very well. But, I am here to tell you that after long last, it appears we finally have a cut of Nightbreed that feels more satisfying and cohesive. The theatrical cut was a choppy and hurried. Totally satisfactory, but far from being a home run.

The Director’s Cut smooths things out, adds more significance to protagonist Boone, places more emotional weight on his relationship with Lori and injects extra dramatic layers to make the denizens of Midian more sympathetic.

Gallery: A Detailed Look at the Nightbreed Director’s Cut Limited Edition Set

Scream Factory chose Shock Till You Drop to be one of the first to receive the anticipated Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut limited edition set. And similar to what we did with the Halloween collection, I figured you guys would want a more detailed look at the packaging (you can see Scream Factory’s unboxing video here). It’s a beautiful package, without a doubt. Stay tuned for my review, now…pardon me while I dig into this beast!

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Clive Barker’s Final Pinhead Story ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ Gets…

It’s the news many of us have been waiting for: A firm release date for “The Scarlet Gospels,” the novel that pits Harry D’Amour of “The Last Illusion” against the Cenobites.
Clive Barker broke the news via his Facebook page that St. Martin’s Press will release the tome on May 19, 2015! That’s the jacket art you see to the right.
Per Barker’s page…