Blade is Back at Marvel, So is a New Film In the Works?

A topic of discussion among many fans lately is whether Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. will renegotiate with Marvel Studios for future appearances in their films. The Hollywood Reporter says that the actor met with Kevin Feige and many other executives last night to begin laying out the groundwork for his return. Insiders say that the negotiations looked to his return as the character in the upcoming Avengers 2 and a third “Avengers” film.

A fourth Iron Man film was said to not be included in the talks as it is unclear if Downey Jr. is interested in another stand-alone feature as the character. Beyond the news that Marvel is developing a third “Avengers” movie, THR also revealed that the studio has scripts in development for Ms. Marvel and a reboot of the character Blade (whose screenrights were recently returned to Marvel).