[Gallery] 30 Images from the Planet of the Apes Art Show

Creature Features in Burbank, California played gracious host to yet another rabidly fun art show. With Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ready to pounce on theaters July 11th, the venue welcomed artists to offer up various representations of the Planet of the Apes legacy for “Art of the Apes.”

The opening night ushered in a jam-packed crowd – even actress Judy Greer (who does vocal work on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) swung by to take a look – some dressed in screen-accurate “ape” costumes.

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When Horror Icons Get the LEGO Treatment…

Horror characters are getting the LEGO treatment again. If you recall, back in January, we introduced you to some slasher LEGO characters as part of a You’re Next promotion. Here in Los Angeles, Hero Complex is hosting a pop up gallery called “Lego Memories (Or, a Man-Child’s Recollection of of the ’80s Through LEGO) and I swung by to check it out and take pics of some of the horror icons that were respresented in LEGO form by artist Dan Shearn. Freddy, Jason, Ash, Myers…most of the usual suspects are here and they’re joined by some other genre pals.

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Will Someone Bring This Kaiju Illustrator’s Art to the U.S., Please?

Here in Los Angeles, we’re seeing a Godzilla-themed art come to an end at Creature Features (check out a photo gallery). Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Godzilla and his kaiju cohorts are being paid respect via an exhibition featuring the vivid and imaginative artwork of Yuji Kaida.

Kaida has found some success with his illustrations and paintings of kaiju and giant robots and he’s the subject of an 8-minute video featurette produced by Sci-Fi Japan. Unless you’re in the Tokyo area, this is likely the best way to see Kaida’s art, so give this a look.