My Amityville Horror, Anitviral Release Dates Revealed

There’s an interesting Amityville Horror documentary hitting VOD March 15th from IFC and SundanceNow that focuses on one of the Lutz children.  It’s called My Amityville Horror, directed by Eric Walter, and it follows Daniel Lutz, obviously all grown up now.

For the first time in 35 years, Daniel Lutz recounts his version of the infamous Amityville haunting that terrified his family in 1975.George and Kathy Lutz

The Top 8 Horror Films of 2012 – Ryan’s Picks

Look for a “best of 2012” list from each of Shock’s contributing writers throughout the week!

Optimism has been renewed.  Things might be looking up for horror.  For the last two years or so, I always frowned at the task of creating a year-end

The UK Poster for Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral

This is rather small, but I liked it and wanted to share.  Although Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral does not have a U.S. release date, we do know that it is opening in the UK February 8th and we’ve received a look at the poster in anticipation of this release.

Syd March (Landry Jones) is an employee at The Lucas Clinic

Podcast! Shock Waves 2.4, the Fantastic Fest Episode

It’s post-Fantastic Fest wrap-up time…’s Ryan Turek and’s Lawrence Raffel are back from the 8th annual Austin, Texas event and they’re here to tell you about the best and worst films.  Listen in as they weigh in on Antiviral, American Mary, Frankenweenie, Berberian Sound Studio, Come Out and Play, The American Scream and more!

Music provided by: Nine Inch Nails (“Last” from The Cabin in the Woods soundtrack)

Fantastic Fest 2012: The Collection to Make Its Debut, Wave 3 Announced

Fantastic Fest has announced thee final installment of programming for Fantastic Fest 2012, including the world premiere screening of The Collection, the anticipated sequel to The Collector.  Fantastic Fest will take place September 20-27 in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.

When Elena’s (Emma Fitzpatrick) friends take her to a secret party at an undisclosed location, she never imagined she would become the latest victim of The Collector, a psychopathic killer. The Collector kidnaps and transports her to an abandoned hotel he’s transformed into his own private maze of torture and death. Upon learning of his daughter’s disappearance, Elena’s wealthy father (Christopher McDonald) hires a group of mercenaries to retrieve her from the vicious grips of The Collector. These mercenaries coerce Arkin (Josh Stewart), the only man to have escaped the wrath of this heinous monster, to lead them through the gruesome labyrinth. Now, Arkin finds himself fighting for his own life in order to save Elena. “The Collection,” directed by Marcus Dunstan and written by Dunstan and Patrick Melton, is a suspense horror film with nonstop thrills at every turn, starring Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises), Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network), and Christopher McDonald (Requiem for a Dream).  

LD Entertainment will release The Collection in theaters November 30th.

Head inside for the final wave of films at this year’s festival!

Meet Brandon Cronenberg in This Antiviral Featurette

Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral is heading to the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10th (with an October 12th release in Canada to follow) and, today, distributor Alliance released a featurette that takes a look at the making of the film.  Furthermore, it spotlights Brandon, who is the son of David Cronenberg.

In the film, Caleb Landry plays Syd March, an employee at the Lucas clinic, who sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological communion — for a price. He also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, smuggling them from the clinic in his own body. When he becomes infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a target for collectors and rabid fans and must now unravel the mystery surrounding her death before he suffers the same fate.

IFC picked up the film for a U.S. distribution, stay tuned for release date news.

Cronenberg’s Antiviral Picked Up By IFC

Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral has found a home shortly after debuting at Cannes.  The film has been acquired by IFC Films.

After becoming infected with the virus that killed superstar Hannah Geist, Syd March (Caleb Landry) must unravel the mystery surrounding her death to save his own life.

Sarah Gadon co-stars with Malcolm McDowell.  IFC is aiming to release the film later this year.

Watch a Clip from Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral

Brandon Cronenberg – son of David Cronenberg (Videodrome) – recently premiered his feature film Antiviral at the Cannes Film Festival and we’ve got a lil’ sneak peek to share.

Response to the film has been mixed, but we’re interested to see what Brandon has up his sleeve, nonetheless.  Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell and Douglas Smith star.

The story concerns a world in which viruses from sick celebrities are sold to fans. One man becomes injected with a virus and races against the clock to find a cure.  Now, the question is, what is Jones’ character staring at?  What bizarre specimens do those jars hold?

High Praise for Jone’s Performance in Croneberg’s Antiviral

In an interview with Karim Hussain today – to discuss his contributions to The Theatre Bizarre (including the directorial effort “Vision Stains”) – we had to ask about his recent experience working with director Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) on the upcoming film Antiviral, which recently wrapped shooting in Toronto.  

Hussain served as the director of photography on the thriller and used an exciting comparison to describe the film’s leading man, Caleb Landry Jones.

First Image from Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral

The very first image from Brandon Cronenberg’s upcoming thriller, Antiviral, premiered today, offering a glimpse at star Caleb Landry Jones of X-Men: First Class and The Last Exorcism.

Brandon is the son of David Cronenberg and Antiviral marks the former’s feature debut.  You’ll find the full image inside.

Malcolm McDowell and Sarah Gadon also star in the film, currently shooting in Canada.