Exclusive Interview: C.J. Thomason On His Post-Apocalyptic Experience in Remnants

Tomorrow, Remnants (trailer) will make its world debut at the Film4 Frightfest in UK.  

Directed by Peter Engert, this somber reflection of a post-apocalyptic America stars C.J. Thomason, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong and Andre Royo.

Shock had the pleasure of reconnecting with Thomason recently to discuss his time on the film.  We first met this actor a few years back at the premiere of Brett Simmons’ Husk, in which Thomason plays a man who must contend with a supernatural force at a farmhouse (you may have also spotted him in the “body count” TV series Harper’s Island).  

In Remnants, he plays Hunter, a young doctor who survives a nuclear attack and, with other survivors, holes up in a basement to ride things out.  But waiting for help to arrive proves difficult as hunger and radiation sickness begin to seep in.

Head inside for our chat with Thomason who details the challenges of making this indie film and also drops some information about his upcoming project, The Monkey’s Paw, which reunites him with his Husk director.

Exclusive First Look: The Trailer for Remnants, Debuting at Film4 FrightFest

This week, Film4 Frightfest in the UK kicks off another year, bringing its audience the best grisly and terrifying screen offerings from all over the globe.  One film making its world premiere, and hailing from the U.S., is Remnants.

You might recall we hit you with a photo gallery from this flick back in June.  Now, we have a trailer to share in anticipation of Remnants’ debut.

Husk’s C.J. Thomason, Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason), Edward Furlong (American History X, Terminator 2) and Andre Royo (The Wire) star.  Peter Engert directs.  Head inside for a look at the preview!

Exclusive First Photos from Remnants

Remnants has been completed and Shock Till You Drop has your exclusive first look at the film via 13 hi-res images.

Directed by Peter Engert, Remnants is a somber, gritty, apocalyptic vision of World War III through the eyes of a handful of survivors holed up in a farmhouse cellar.  C.J. Thomason (Harper’s Island, Husk), Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason), Edward Furlong (American History X, Terminator 2), Andre Royo (The Wire), Christine Kelly and Jessie Rusu (Mother’s Day) star.

Synopsis: Searching for a happy ending to a tale of unimaginable disaster and horror, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar in rural Texas. The United States has hastily become embroiled in World War 3. A young doctor named Hunter survives the nuclear attack and is thrown together by happenstance with a group of wounded and frightened victims, including Elizabeth, a strong-willed confidant to Hunter, Brad – an antagonistic redneck jackass, and Jennifer, a barely coherent young woman suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. Together, they attempt to endure the devastating holocaust as they struggle with claustrophobia and conflicting personalities. In a makeshift shelter, Hunter and his dying companions wait for news from the government while fending off hunger, radiation sickness, and a horde of frightened and dying refugees.

Bobbi Sue Luther, Zachary Reeves, Scott Winig and Engert produced and Tom Conigliaro executive produced Remnants which is poised to hit the film festival circuit.  When screening dates/fest announcements are revealed, we’ll let you know.