The 5 Best Movie Poster Frames

For movie fans, the poster of our favorite movie makes for a wonderful decoration on the wall of our home or office. It reminds us of the glorious experience of watching that movie. The thrills, the laughs, and the cheers. But just taping a movie poster to the wall is not so desirable once you become an adult. Not to mention the poster gets damaged over time if it's uncovered. A solution to both issues is a poster frame. A frame instantly makes the poster look much classier on your wall, as well as protects and preserves it. You want a frame that looks great, is easy to install, and is built to last. Read on for our reviews of the 5 Best Movie Poster Frames.

SnapeZo Movie Poster Frame

Movie Theater Quality

This industry standard frame displays your posters in the same fashion as movie theaters.
Best Overall

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This is our top choice for movie poster frames. This is the frame used by many movie theaters in the world. It is made to professional industry standards. The frame is made of solid aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight. It is very easy to hang. It comes with all the hardware you need, and the mounting holes are hidden from view. It can be hung both vertically and horizontally. When you want to change posters, you can do so easily without tools or needing to take the frame off the wall. The frame has spring hinges that allow you to open the front and switch out the poster, then close the frame back up. Behind the poster, this frame has a white translucent backing that is water resistant and helps the poster shine. In front of the poster, this frame has a flexible PVC lens that prevents glare and protects the poster from ultraviolet rays. You can count on this frame to protect and display your movie posters the way they are supposed to be seen.


  • Industry standard
  • Solid aluminum
  • Change posters without dismounting
  • Protects poster


  • Static electricity can cause dirt or hair to stick to the PVC if you’re not careful

Americanflat Poster Frame

Wood is Beautiful

This wooden frame looks great around any movie poster.
Best Wooden

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This poster frame from Americanflat is a beauty. It’s a wooden frame with thick moldings that will nicely accentuate your poster. The frame is very durable; you can rely on it to hold your poster for years to come. It has a polished plexiglass front that will preserve your poster, as well as give everyone a clear view of it. This frame has a sturdy backboard to hold up the poster and protect it. Sometimes frames can get damaged during shipping. This frame has exclusive proprietary packaging to prevent damage during shipping. The plexiglass has a removable film on it so it doesn’t get scratched. This frame comes with built-in hangers, as well as brackets and wire, to give you different options for hanging it.


  • Wooden frame
  • Polished plexiglass front
  • Proprietary packaging


  • Plexiglass is not real glass

One Wall Poster Frame

Solid Framing

This stylish poster frame is a nice way to display your movie posters.
Best Design

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This is a handsome poster frame from One Wall. It is made from aluminum and has a stylish textured appearance. This frame is gloss black with smooth edges and has wire drawing effects. It has that classic rectangular frame design. For easy hanging, this frame comes with a hook. It also comes with a bubble level and seamless nail to make hanging it up straight a breeze. The clear plexiglass covers the front of your poster for protection. This frame also comes with top-notch packaging, foam, cardboard, and sealing plastic that will protect the frame during shipping and make sure it gets to you unscathed.


  • Stylish textured look
  • Hook for hanging
  • Bubble level


  • Light

MCS Trendsetter Poster Frame

Does the Trick

This simple plastic frame will hold and protect your posters.
Best Bang For Your Buck

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The Trendsetter is an excellent frame from MCS. It is made from one inch wide and 5/8 inch deep plastic. The front is made from styrene, which is both clear and strong. It is much more durable than glass and other fronts, so it won’t break during shipping or if you drop it. This frame has a natural cardboard backing to hold your poster in place. There are metal tabs on the frame, which you can bend to install and remove posters. There are hinged hangers on the back that allow you to hang this frame vertically or horizontally. For your peace of mind, this frame ships in Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.


  • Styrene front
  • Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Bendable metal tabs


  • Plastic

M&T Displays Frame

Snappy Frame

This snap frame makes changing posters a breeze.
Easiest to Use

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This is a really well designed frame from M&T Displays. It is made from aluminum with an anodized finish, which makes it super durable. The plastic lens will protect your poster and is anti-glare, making for optimal viewing conditions. This is a snap frame, which means you can lift the edges up an inch, so you can replace the poster. This makes replacing posters simple and easy, since you don’t have to take apart the frame or remove it from the wall. The frame comes with four screws and four anchors, which is all you need to hang this frame up on the wall, horizontally or vertically.


  • Snap frame
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Anti-glare lens


  • Changing from landscape to portrait can be a little challenging

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the frame fit my poster?

That all depends on the size of your poster. Check the dimensions of your poster, and check the dimensions of the frame on the product page. You should be able to find a frame for your poster.

Can the frame be hung landscape and portrait?

Yes. Most frames, including the all the ones we reviewed, can be hung both landscape and portrait. Just make sure you install the mounting hardware in the appropriate place for the orientation that you want to hang the frame in.

How do I put my poster in the frame?

Put the back of the poster against the backing and the front lens over the front of the poster. Then put all of that in the frame. Different frames are constructed differently, so you’ll want to check the instructions for your frame for exactly how it comes together.