Exclusive The High Note Deleted Scene Featuring Dakota Johnson

by Kylie Hemmert

Exclusive The High Note Deleted Scene Featuring Dakota Johnson

Exclusive The High Note Deleted Scene Featuring Dakota Johnson

ComingSoon.net is debuting an exclusive The High Note deleted scene featuring the star of the film Dakota Johnson as she rushes around running errands for Grace (Tracee Ellis Ross). You can check out the deleted scene in the player below and order your copy of the movie here!

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Set in the dazzling world of the LA music scene comes the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), a superstar whose talent, and ego, have reached unbelievable heights, and Maggie (Dakota Johnson), her overworked personal assistant.  While stuck running errands, Maggie still aspires to her childhood dream of becoming a music producer. When Grace’s manager (Ice Cube) presents her with a choice that could alter the course of her career, Maggie and Grace come up with a plan that could change their lives forever

The High Note stars Dakota Johnson (The Peanut Butter Falcon), Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish),  Kelvin Harrison Jr. (It Comes at Night), Zoë Chao (Where’d You Go, Bernadette), Ice Cube (XXX: Return of Xander Cage), June Diane Raphael (Long Shot), Deniz Adkeniz (Once Upon a Time), Bill Pullman (The Sinner), Eddie Izzard (The Lego Batman Movie) and Diplo.

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Written by Flora Greeson, The High Note is directed by Nisha Ganatra, who made a huge impression with the comedy Late Night at the Sundance Film Festival. It is produced by Working Title Films’ Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner with Nathan Kelly and Alexandra Loewy serving as executive producers.

The High Note is available now on Digital.

Tom Hanks Clarifies Greyhound Apple TV+ Comments

by Grant Hermanns

Tom Hanks Clarifies Greyhound Apple TV+ Comments

Tom Hanks clarifies Greyhound Apple TV+ comments

After initially expressing heartbreak over his World War II action-thriller skipping a theatrical release in favor of Apple TV+, screenwriter and star Tom Hanks has clarified his statements to the Today Show regarding Greyhound‘s move to a streaming platform in a time when many theaters are still closed across the country. The full interview can be viewed in the player below!

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“Well, I’m actually thrilled that Apple TV is making it possible for everybody to see it,” Hanks said. “Not only worldwide, as long as you have Apple Television, but also the day after my 64th birthday, thank you, thank you very much. This is a magnificent gift that’s come to us because of Apple. Because COVID-19 did something heartbreaking to us all. It closed down the theaters. We don’t have the cinema. There isn’t anybody that doesn’t like going to see a good movie with 800 other people and coming out with something in common. Barring that, Apple Television has saved the day for us. We had a magnificent movie that was not going to be seen because of the realities. It is going to be viewable, and otherwise we would’ve languished in a vault for a movie that, look, is 88 minutes of a thematic story that does speak to what we’re all going through right now. We didn’t know that at the time we made the film, we were just trying to make a lean, new spare version about procedures and behaviors about how difficult it was to stay alive in the North Atlantic in 1942.”

Based on C.S. Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd, the film will be set in the early days of WWII. In Greyhound, an international convoy of 37 Allied ships, led by captain Ernest Krause (Hanks) in his first command of a U.S. destroyer, crosses the treacherous waters of the Black Pit in the North Atlantic while hotly pursued by wolf packs of Nazi U-boats. With no air cover protection for 5 days, the captain and his convoy must battle the surrounding enemy in order to give the allies a chance to win the war. The film is directed by Aaron Schneider.

The film stars Tom Hanks (Saving Private RyanA Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodCast Away), Stephen Graham (SnatchTinker Tailor Soldier SpyRocketman), Rob Morgan (MudboundStranger ThingsDaredevil), and Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las VegasThe BoysDeath Wish).

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The film is directed by Oscar-winner Aaron Schneider (Two SoldiersGet Low) from a script penned by Tom Hanks. It is produced by Emmy winner Gary Goetzman (Olive KitteridgeGame ChangeThe Pacific). Greyhound will premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10!


Valley of the Gods Trailer Starring John Malkovich & Josh Hartnett

by Maggie Dela Paz

Valley of the Gods Trailer Starring John Malkovich & Josh Hartnett

Valley of the Gods trailer starring John Malkovich & Josh Hartnett

Well Go USA has released the official trailer for Lech Majewski’s sci-fi drama film titled Valley of the Gods, featuring John Malkovich as the world’s richest man who will soon face something much bigger than after he continues to disrespect the sacred Navajo lands. Also starring Josh Hartnett, the film is set to debut on August 11 on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. Check out the video in the player below!

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Valley of the Gods contrasts abundance and poverty through three separate storylines, featuring a middle-class writer, an eccentric trillionaire, and a struggling Navajo community. Post-divorce, copywriter John Ecas undertakes the biography of the richest man on earth, who is dead-set on mining sacred lands for uranium. When modern advance runs afoul of long-dormant guardians from ancient legend, even the most unimaginable wealth may soon meet its match.

The film stars Academy Award nominee John Malkovich (Places in the Heart, Ripley’s Game) as Wes Tauros, and Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor, 30 Days of Night) as John Ecas along with Bérénice Marlohe (Skyfall), Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings trilogy).

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Valley of the Gods is written and directed by Lech Majewski. It is produced by Majewski, Filip Jan Rymsza, Carla Rosen-Vacher, Jan Harlan, and Angelus Silesius with Royal Road’s Olga Kagan, Małgorzata Domin and The Safran Company’s Peter and Natalia Safran set as executive producers.

Exclusive Dirt Music Clip Featuring Garrett Hedlund & Kelly Macdonald

by Kylie Hemmert

Exclusive Dirt Music Clip Featuring Garrett Hedlund & Kelly Macdonald

Exclusive Dirt Music Clip Featuring Garrett Hedlund & Kelly Macdonald

ComingSoon.net has an exclusive Dirt Music clip starring Kelly Macdonald (TrainspottingBoardwalk Empire) and Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) in the upcoming romance drama. You can check out the clip now in the player below!

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Based on the critically acclaimed novel by iconic Australian writer Tim Winton, the film stars Macdonald as a 40-year-old woman in a loveless marriage to local fishing baron Jim (David Wenham), who has two young sons from a previous marriage. One hazy night she sees the lone figure of younger man Lu Fox (Hedlund), a former musician and current poacher with a tragic past who is encroaching on her husband’s territory. Passions take hold and the two begin an intense affair, running off together amidst a sea of drama.

Dirt Music is directed by Gregor Jordan (Two HandsBuffalo SoldiersNed Kelly) from the screenplay by Jack Thorne (The EddyHis Dark MaterialsWonder). The movie also stars David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings300Iron Fist), Aaron Pedersen (Mystery RoadGoldstoneHigh Ground), and Dan Wyllie (No ActivitySeaChangeMuriel’s Wedding).

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Dirt Music will arrive on VOD on July 17 from Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Away Teaser: Hilary Swank Stars in New Netflix Series

by Maggie Dela Paz

Away Teaser: Hilary Swank Stars in New Netflix Series

Away Teaser: Hilary Swank Stars in New Netflix Series

Netflix has released the first teaser for creator Andrew Hinderaker’s sci-fi drama series titled Away, providing us with our first look at two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank’s Emma Green, who is an American astronaut sent on a mission to Mars. Executive produced by The Batman director Matt Reeves and Swank, the 10-episode series adaptation will be available for streaming on Friday, September 4. Check out the video in the player below along with the first-look images (via EW)!

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Loosely inspired by Chris Jones’ Esquire article of the same name, Away is an epic, emotional story of love and sacrifice set against humanity’s greatest endeavor. In the near future, a manned spacecraft is sent to Mars. For this high-stakes mission, a crew of elite astronauts are assembled from around the globe. They hail from the United States, Russia, China, India, and Great Britain. If all goes well, they will be away from the place they call home and the people they love for three years. During this time, their relationships both on Earth and in space will be tested, as they struggle to stay alive and stay on track in pursuit of humanity’s most important goal. The world will be watching.

Away is a series about hope, humanity and how ultimately, we need one another if we are to achieve impossible things. Joining Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) as Emma Green are Emmy nominee Josh Charles (The Good Wife), and Talitha Bateman (Annabelle: Creation), along with Ato Essandoh, Mark Ivanir, Ray Panthaki and Vivian Wu.

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As part of his multi-year deal with Netflix, Reeves had successfully won the bidding war for the story last year against major studios such as Warner Bros, Universal and Apple. The series is created by Andrew Hinderaker (Penny Dreadful) and is set to write Away‘s first episode. The Path’s Jessica Goldberg will be the series’ showrunner and writer. She will executive produced together with Ed Zwick (Nashville), who will direct the first episode.

Universal Television, True Jack Productions, and 6th & Idaho will produce the series which has Hinderaker set as writer and co-executive producer alongside Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Roswell) plus Reeves, Michelle Lee (Rise, The Path), Adam Kassan (Black Mass, End of Watch), and Jeni Mulein.

The Vigil Trailer Previews a Jewish Supernatural Horror Film 

by Maggie Dela Paz

The Vigil Trailer Previews a Jewish Supernatural Horror Film 

The Vigil trailer previews a Jewish supernatural horror film

The official trailer for Vertigo Releasing’s forthcoming supernatural horror film titled The Vigil has been released, featuring Yakov as he gets enlisted for an overnight shomer which is a Jewish tradition where someone watches the body of a recently deceased community member. Last year, Blumhouse acquired the North American distribution rights for the film but the studio hasn’t yet announced a release date. However, The Vigil is scheduled to be released in UK theaters next week on July 17. Check out the video in the player below!

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The Vigil is written and directed by Keith Thomas. It stars Dave Davis (The Walking Dead) as Yakov, Menashe Lustig (Menashe) as Reb Shulem, Malky Goldman (Unorthodox) as Sarah, Lynn Cohen (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) as Mrs. Litvak, and Fred Melamed.

The film had its world premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness. Its official synopsis described by TIFF reads: “Set over the course of a single evening in Brooklyn’s Hassidic “Boro” Park neighborhood, The Vigil follows Yakov, a former Hassid, as he accepts a position as a shomer, hired to “sit the vigil” and watch over the body of a deceased community member. Having lost his faith, Yakov isn’t eager to go back to the insular religious community he only recently fled. But when Reb Shulem, a rabbi and confidante, approaches Yakov after a support group meeting and offers to pay Yakov to be the shomer for a recently deceased Holocaust survivor, he reluctantly accepts the job. Shortly after arriving at the dilapidated house, Yakov realizes that something is very, very wrong. This will not be a quiet vigil.”

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The Vigil was produced by Boulderlight’s JD Lifshitz and Raphael Margules and Adam Margules for Angry Adam Productions.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Siege Trailer Released

by Kylie Hemmert

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Siege Trailer Released

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Siege Trailer Released

Netflix and Hasbro, in partnership with Rooster Teeth, has released the final main trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Siege. Premiering on July 30, you can check out the trailer for the anime series in the player below!

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The series raises the stakes of the Autobot and Decepticon war with Chapter One having six, twenty-two-minute episodes, complete with a new animation look and style that presents the Transformers bots like you’ve never seen them before. The Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy plunges us deep into events that live at the heart of this legendary franchise, with Siege shining a spotlight on a critical timeframe in Transformers history on Cybertron.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Siege begins in the final hours of the devastating civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. The war that has torn apart their home planet of Cybertron is at a tipping point. Two leaders, Optimus Prime and Megatron, both want to save their world and unify their people, but only on their own terms. In an attempt to end the conflict, Megatron is forced to consider using the Allspark, the source of all life and power on Cybertron, to “reformat” the Autobots, thus “unifying” Cybertron. Outnumbered, outgunned, and under siege, the battle-weary Autobots orchestrate a desperate series of counterstrikes on a mission that, if everything somehow goes right, will end with an unthinkable choice: kill their planet in order to save it.

The series voice talent cast includes Jake Foushee (Optimus Prime), Jason Marnocha (Megatron), Linsay Rousseau (Elita-1), Joe Zieja (Bumblebee), Frank Todaro (Starscream), Rafael Goldstein (Ratchet), Keith Silverstein (Jetfire), Todd Haberkorn (Shockwave, Red Alert), Edward Bosco (Ultra Magnus, Soundwave), Bill Rogers (Wheeljack), Sophia Isabella (Arcee), Brook Chalmers (Impactor), Shawn Hawkins (Mirage), Kaiser Johnson (Ironhide), Miles Luna (Teletraan I, Cliffjumper), and Mark Whitten (Sideswipe, Skywarp).

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Rooster Teeth (RWBY, gen:LOCK) is producing the original series for Netflix, and Polygon Pictures (Godzilla, Knights of Sidonia) is serving as the animation studio. Transformers veteran F.J. DeSanto (Transformers: Titans Return, Transformers: Power of the Primes) is serving as showrunner on the series with several contributing writers, including George Krstic (Megas XLR), Gavin Hignight (Transformers: Cyberverse), and Brandon Easton (Agent Carter, Transformers: Rescue Bots).

More details regarding Chapter Two, Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Earthrise and Chapter Three are coming soon.

Die Hart Trailer: Kevin Hart Gets a Lesson in Action Stardom

by Grant Hermanns

Die Hart Trailer: Kevin Hart Gets a Lesson in Action Stardom

Die Hart trailer: Kevin Hart gets a lesson in action stardom

Quibi has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming “Film in Chapters” Die Hart starring Kevin Hart as a fictionalized version of himself as he heads to action school to become the next action star. The hilarious and profanity-filled trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Inspired by the opening sequence from Hart’s 2016 concert film, Die Hart will follow Hart (Jumanji: The Next Level) as a meta version of himself who’s tired of always getting cast as a comedic sidekick. He gets his wish when a famous director offers him his dream – to be a leading man action star – but there’s a catch: Kevin must first train at the world’s greatest action star school, run by a lunatic (John Travolta). Pushed to his limits by this action school coach and a tough-minded rival student, Kevin must survive a series of hilarious, over-the-top action sequences and face his fears if he wants to achieve his dream and land the role of a lifetime.

Alongside Hart, the cast for the action comedy includes John Travolta (In a Valley of Violence), Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), Jean Reno (Da 5 Bloods) and Josh Hartnett (Inherit the Viper).

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The series is directed by Eric Appel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) from a script written by Tripper Clancy (Stuber) and Derek Kolstad (John Wick franchise). It is be executive produced by Hart through his Laugh Out Loud Network banner with Candice Wilson, Bryan Smiley and Jeff Clanagan serving as producers.

Die Hart is set to premiere on Quibi on July 20, with new chapters premiering every weekday leading up to its series finale on July 29.

Above Suspicion Trailer: Emilia Clarke Stars in New Thriller Film

by Maggie Dela Paz

Above Suspicion Trailer: Emilia Clarke Stars in New Thriller Film

Above Suspicion trailer: Emilia Clarke stars in new thriller film

The official trailer for Madman Films‘ forthcoming film adaptation of Above Suspicion has been released, featuring Game of Thrones alum Emilia Clarke as a Southern American woman who becomes involved in an affair while being a police informant. Based on Joe Sharkey’s nonfiction book of the same name, the film hasn’t set its release date yet but it will be available on VOD. Check out the video now in the player below!

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In Above Suspicion, nothing is more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.Based on the chilling true story of a newly married FBI poster boy assigned to an Appalachian mountain town in Kentucky. There, he is drawn into an illicit affair with an impoverished local woman who becomes his star informant. She sees in him her means of escape; instead, it is a ticket to disaster for both of them. This scandal shook the foundations of the nation’s top law enforcement agency, ending in the first-ever conviction of an FBI agent for murder.

Pick up a copy of the book here!

The film stars four-time Emmy nominee Emilia Clarke as Susan Smith, Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) as Mark Putnam, and Golden Globe nominee Thora Birch (Ghost World, The Walking Dead) as Jolene. It will also feature Johnny Knoxville, Brian Lee Franklin, Luke Spencer Roberts, Sophie Lowe, Kevin Dunn, Chris Mulkey, Omar Benson Miller, and Brittany O’Grady.

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Above Suspicion is directed by Phillip Noyce from a screenplay penned by Chris Gerolmo. The film was produced by Amy Adelson, Angela Amato Velez, Mohamed AlRafi, Colleen Camp, and Tim Degraye.

The Sandman Audible Trailer Previews James McAvoy as Lord Morpheus

by Maggie Dela Paz

The Sandman Audible Teaser Previews James McAvoy as Lord Morpheus

The Sandman Audible trailer previews James McAvoy as Lord Morpheus

Audible and DC has released official trailer for their upcoming audiobook adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s popular graphic novel series The Sandman, giving us a snippet of James McAvoy as he lends his voice to the titular immortal king of dreams. Set to launch on Wednesday, July 15, you can check out the video in the player below and pre-order the audiobook now!

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Adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs, The Sandman audio adaptation will star James McAvoy as The Sandman/Lord Morpheus, Riz Ahmed as the Corinthian, Kat Dennings as Death, Taron Egerton as John Constantine, Neil Gaiman as The Narrator, Samantha Morton as Urania Blackwell, Bebe Neuwirth as the Siamese Cat, Andy Serkis as Matthew the Raven, Michael Sheen as Lucifer, along with many more voice performers.

When The Sandman, also known as Lord Morpheus—the immortal king of dreams, stories, and the imagination—is pulled from his realm and imprisoned on Earth by a nefarious cult, he languishes for decades before finally escaping. Once free, he must retrieve the three “tools” that will restore his power and help him to rebuild his dominion, which has deteriorated in his absence. As the multi-threaded story unspools, The Sandman descends into Hell to confront Lucifer (Michael Sheen), chases rogue nightmares who have escaped his realm, and crosses paths with an array of characters from DC comic books, ancient myths, and real-world history, including Inmates of Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum, Doctor Destiny, the muse Calliope, the three Fates, William Shakespeare (Arthur Darvill), and many more.

Setting the stage for their performance is an unprecedented cinematic soundscape featuring an original musical score by British Academy Award winner James Hannigan.

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This first installment of the audio series The Sandman adapts volumes 1-3 of the graphic novel series (Preludes & Nocturnes, The Doll’s House, and Dream Country).

The Kissing Booth 2 Trailer Goes Back to Business

by Maggie Dela Paz

The Kissing Booth 2 Trailer Goes Back to Business

The Kissing Booth 2 trailer goes back to business

Netflix has released the official The Kissing Booth 2 trailer for Vince Marcello’s teen romantic comedy sequel, featuring Joey King’s Elle and Jacob Elordi’s Noah as their relationship gets tested by distance and new people. The film will be available for streaming on July 24, 2020. Check out the video in the player below!

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Based on the author Beth Reekles’ novel of the same name, the sequel continues to follow Elle, who is now a high school senior. With college decisions looming, Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend Noah, college applications with her best friend Lee, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.

Pick up a copy of the book here!

The Kissing Booth 2 stars Golden Globe nominee Joey King (The Act), Jacob Elordi (Euphoria), Joel Courtney (Super 8), Maisie Richardson-Sellers (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Molly Ringwald (The Breakfast Club, Riverdale), and Taylor Perez.

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The film is again directed and produced by Vince Marcello, who co-wrote the script with Jay Arnold. It is produced by Ed Glauser, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, and Michele Weisler.

The Kissing Booth premiered globally on Netflix and was a major hit for the streaming service, becoming their most rewatched movie of 2018, with Netflix reporting that one in three viewers of the film rewatched it.

Amazon Unveils Hilarity-Fueled The Boys Season 1 Blooper Reel

by Grant Hermanns

Amazon Unveils Hilarity-Fueled The Boys Season 1 Blooper Reel

Amazon unveils hilarity-fueled The Boys season 1 blooper reel

As a little pre-Independence Day weekend gift to audiences, Amazon has unveiled to fans a profanity-filled and hilarity-fueled blooper reel from the first season of the adaptation of Garth Ennis’ The Boys. The blooper reel can be viewed in the player below!

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In Season 2, The Boys are on the run from the law, hunted by the Supes, and desperately trying to regroup and fight back against Vought. In hiding, Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) try to adjust to a new normal, with Butcher (Karl Urban) nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) must navigate her place in The Seven as Homelander (Antony Starr) sets his sights on taking complete control. His power is threatened with the addition of Stormfront (Aya Cash), a social-media-savvy new Supe, who has an agenda of her own. On top of that, the Supervillain threat takes center stage and makes waves as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

Series co-creator Eric Kripke refers to the second season as “crazier, stranger, more intense, more emotional. In fact, it’s too much, so the Surgeon General has insisted we air the first three episodes on September 4, then air the remaining five episodes weekly after that. We wanted to give you time to freak out, digest, discuss, come down from the high before we give you another dose.”

The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It’s the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about the supergroup known as “The Seven.” The show retains most of the comics (available for purchase here) boundary-pushing violence and sexuality while exploring the dark side of superhero celebrity and fame.

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The series was created by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, who are responsible for another subversive comic book-inspired series, AMC’s Preacher, and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

Season 1 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys Season 2

Exclusive Zombie for Sale Clip from Arrow Video!

by Grant Hermanns

Exclusive Zombie for Sale Clip from Arrow Video!

Exclusive Zombie for Sale clip from Arrow Video!

Ahead of the Korean comedy’s debut on Arrow Video Channel and special Blu-ray release, the British distributor has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from Zombie for Sale, which is set to hit shelves on July 7! The clip can be viewed in the player below!

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When the illegal human experiments of Korea’s biggest pharmaceutical company go wrong, one of their “undead” test subjects escapes and ends up in a shabby gas station owned by the Park family – a band of misfits spanning three generations who hustle passersby to make ends meet. When the Park family uncover their undead visitor, he bites the head of their household, who instead of transforming into an undead ghoul becomes revitalised and full of life! The family then hatch a plan to exploit this unexpected fountain of youth, allowing locals to pay to be bitten too, until things go wrong.

Pre-order your copy of the Blu-ray here!

The film is directed by Lee Min-jae and stars Jeong Jae-yeong, Jung Ga-ram, Kim Nam-gil. Special features included on the Blu-ray are as follows:


  • High-Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • Original uncompressed Stereo and 5.1 DTS-HD MA options
  • Newly-translated English subtitles
  • Brand new audio commentary with filmmakers and critics Sam Ashurst and Dan Martin
  • Q&A with director Lee Min-jae from a 2019 screening at Asian Pop-Up Cinema in Chicago, moderated by film critic and author Darcy Paquet
  • Eat Together, Kill Together: The Family-in-Peril Comedy – brand new video essay by critic and producer Pierce Conran exploring Korea’s unique social satires
  • Making-Of Featurette
  • Behind-the-Scenes footage
  • Original Trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by Mike Lee-Graham


FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Collector’s booklet featuring new writing by Josh Hurtado

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Zombie for Sale comes out on Blu-ray on July 7!

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! Trailer Unveils Ensemble Crossover

by Grant Hermanns

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo Trailer Unveils Ensemble Crossover

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! trailer unveils ensemble crossover

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first trailer for the latest installment in the direct-to-video Mystery Gang franchise, Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo! featuring an ensemble crossover that includes Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and DC Comics’ Scarecrow! The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Scooby-Doo and Shaggy’s favorite holiday is upon us! With fake monsters and candy galore, Halloween is heaven for these hungry foodies going door-to-door. But this year, their sweet holiday turns sour when the neighborhood pumpkin patch is infected by toxic ooze, creating high-flying jack-o-lanters, and a king-sized pumpkin leader squashing everything in its path. It’s up to Scooby-Doo and the gang as they team up with their pals, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, to solve this mystery of gigantic proportions and save Crystal Cove!

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! features the familiar voice talents of Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo/Fred Jones, Grey Griffin as Daphne Blake, Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers and Kate Micucci as Velma Dinkley. The film also stars Cassandra Peterson as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Bill Nye as himself. The film was executive produced by Sam Register (Looney Tunes Cartoons) and written, produced and directed by Maxwell Atoms.

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Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!, the first adventure set around the titular holiday for the Mystery Gang, is set to hit digital platforms and physical shelves sometime this fall!

An American Pickle Trailer: Seth Rogen Stars in HBO Max’s New Comedy Film

by Maggie Dela Paz

An American Pickle Trailer: Seth Rogen Stars in HBO Max's New Comedy Film

An American Pickle Trailer: Seth Rogen stars in HBO Max’s new comedy film

HBO Max has released the official trailer for director Brandon Tost’s forthcoming comedy film adaptation of An American Pickle, providing us with our first look at Seth Rogen as he portrays two identical characters who are both from different timelines. The film will be available for streaming on August 6, 2020. Check out the video in the player below along the new photos (via USA Today)!

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An American Pickle is an adaptation of the 2013 New Yorker novella Sell Out by Simon Rich, who adapted his own script. Brandon Trost, the cinematographer of Rogen films This Is the End, Neighbors, and The Interview, will direct.

Rogen will star in dual leading roles in the film. Rogen will play Herschel Greenbaum, a struggling laborer who immigrates to America in 1920 with dreams of building a better life for his beloved family. One day, while working at his factory job, he falls into a vat of pickles and is brined for 100 years. The brine preserves him perfectly and when he emerges in present-day Brooklyn, he finds that he hasn’t aged a day. But when he seeks out his family, he is troubled to learn that his only surviving relative is his great-grandson, Ben Greenbaum (also played by Rogen), a mild-mannered computer coder whom Herschel can’t even begin to understand.

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Rich will executive produce along with Point Grey’s Alex McAtee and Ted Gidlow. Rogen and his Point Grey producing partners Evan Goldberg and James Weaver will produce.

Exclusive Bushwick: Burnt Trailer Starring Dave Bautista & Brittany Snow

by Kylie Hemmert

Exclusive Bushwick: Burnt Trailer Starring Dave Bautista & Brittany Snow

Exclusive Bushwick: Burnt Trailer Starring Dave Bautista & Brittany Snow

ComingSoon.net is debuting the exclusive Bushwick: Burnt trailer starring Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, My Spy) and Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, Almost Family) in the newly released black and white version of the film available now as an iTunes extra. You can check out the trailer in the player below, as well as the full new poster designed by Stuart Holroyd and Nuno Sarnada!

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“We thought July 4th weekend would be a good time to drop the news that we’re releasing a new Black and White print of our movie Bushwick. Burnt. Inspired by what George Miller did with Mad Max: Fury Road and James Mangold did with Logan, we thought that the subject matter of our movie and the way that it was shot using almost exclusively natural light, lent itself to black and white. We worked with our brilliant cinematographer Lyle Vincent and the amazing colorist Sean Dunckley at Light Iron to produce a beautiful, raw, Burnt version of Bushwick. It’s now up in the iTunes Extra alongside the original color version of Bushwick,” said co-director Cary Murnion.

Compiled by Bushwick directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott to celebrate the release of Bushwick: Burnt, the new black and white print of this timely action/war movie, this was the music that was inspirational to them as they made this movie, set in the neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY.

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Bushwick: Burnt is directed by Jonathan Milott (Cooties) and Cary Murnion (Becky). The script was written by Nick Damici (Hap and Leonard) and Graham Reznick (Until Dawn) from a story by Murnion and Milott.

Exclusive Mr. Jones Clip Featuring Vanessa Kirby & James Norton

by Kylie Hemmert

Exclusive Mr. Jones Clip Featuring Vanessa Kirby & James Norton

Exclusive Mr. Jones Clip Featuring Vanessa Kirby & James Norton

ComingSoon.net has an exclusive Mr. Jones clip featuring Vanessa Kirby and James Norton in the upcoming docudrama thriller from Samuel Goldwyn Films. You can check out the clip now in the player below and order your copy of the movie here!

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Agnieszka Holland’s thriller, set on the eve of WWII, sees Hitler’s rise to power and Stalin’s Soviet propaganda machine pushing their “utopia” to the Western world. Meanwhile, an ambitious young journalist, Gareth Jones (Norton) travels to Moscow to uncover the truth behind the propaganda, but then gets a tip that could expose an international conspiracy, one that could cost him and his informant their lives. Jones goes on a life-or-death journey to uncover the truth behind the façade that would later inspire George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm.

Mr. Jones features an ensemble cast including Peter Sarsgaard (Jackie, Garden State), James Norton (Little Women, Flatliners), and Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw). The film is the theatrical debut of writer Andrea Chalupa and directed by Agnieszka Holland whose films In Darkness, Europa Europa, and Bittere Ernte (Angry Harvest) were all nominated for Academy Awards.

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The movie is currently available on Digital and will release On Demand on July 3, 2020.

Exclusive Carmilla Trailer for the Classic Vampire Tale

by Max Evry

Exclusive Carmilla Trailer for the Classic Vampire Tale

Exclusive Carmilla trailer for the classic vampire tale

Film Movement has provided ComingSoon.net with the exclusive trailer debut of Carmilla, the latest screen version of the vampire tale that pre-dates Dracula. Check out the Carmilla trailer in the player below!

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Isolated from the outside world, fifteen-year-old Lara (Hannah Rae of Broadchurch, Fighting with My Family) lives in seclusion on a vast country estate with her father and strict governess Miss Fontaine (Jessica Raine of Patrick Melrose, Jericho). Late one evening, a mysterious carriage crash brings a young girl (Devrim Lingnau) into their home to recuperate. Lara immediately becomes enchanted by this strange visitor who arouses her curiosity and awakens her burgeoning desires.

This atmospheric coming-of-age tale, also co-starring Golden Globe-nominee Tobias Menzies (Outlander, The Terror, Game of Thrones, The Crown) is inspired by the 1872 gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, who crafted the story of Carmilla 25 years before Bram Stoker put the supernatural story of Count Dracula on the page.

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Written and directed by Emily Harris and produced by Lizzie Brown and Emily Precious, Carmilla will open on July 17.

Carmilla (2020)

Into the Dark’s The Current Occupant Trailer from Julius & Alston Ramsay

by Grant Hermanns

Into the Dark's The Current Occupant Trailer from Julius & Alston Ramsay

Into the Dark’s The Current Occupant trailer from Julius & Alston Ramsay

Blumhouse Television and Hulu have unveiled the trailer for the latest installment in its monthly horror anthology series Into the Dark: The Current Occupant from Midnighters writer and director Alston and Julius Ramsay. The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Trapped in a mysterious psychiatric ward, a man with no memory comes to believe that he’s the President of the United States and the subject of a diabolical political conspiracy. As the asylum’s soul-crushing forces bear down on him, he fights to preserve his sanity and escape so that he can return to power.

The cast for the latest installment includes Barry Watson (The Loudest Voice), Sonita Henry (Krypton), Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III (Black Lightning), Lilli Birdsell (Doom Patrol), Kate Cobb (Scandal), Ezra Buzzington (Crossbones) and Joshua Burge (The Revenant).

Alston Ramsay previously worked as a speechwriter in D.C. for the likes of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General David Petraeus, and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and his experiences informed the creation of The Current Occupant.

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In partnership with Blumhouse Television, Into The Dark is a monthly horror event series from prolific, award-winning producer, Jason Blum’s independent TV studio. Each feature-length installment is inspired by a holiday and features Blumhouse’s signature genre/thriller spin on the story.

The Current Occupant is set to hit Hulu on July 17!

New The Old Guard Trailer: Prepare for the Fight of a Lifetime

by Maggie Dela Paz

New The Old Guard Trailer: Prepare for the Fight of a Lifetime

New The Old Guard trailer: Prepare for the fight of a lifetime

Netflix has released a brand new The Old Guard trailer for Gina Prince-Blythewood’s forthcoming action fantasy film, featuring new footage of some of the film’s intense action sequences while also highlighting the team’s bond throughout the hundreds of years of fighting together. Starring Oscar winner Charlize Theron, the film will be available for streaming on Friday, July 10 exclusively on Netflix. Check out the video in the player below!

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Based on Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernandez’s comic book of the same name, The Old Guard tells of a small group of soldiers, led by a woman named Andromache of Scythia or Andy, who are inexplicably immortal and have been working as mercenaries through the ages. But in the 21st century, the novelty of not dying is long gone as the group gets a jolt in their bones when they discover the existence of a new immortal, a black woman serving in the Marines, at the same time as a nefarious organization captures their undying actions on camera.

Pick up a copy of the comic book series here!

The film adaptation will be led by Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Monster, Mad Max: Fury Road) as Andromache of Scythia, Kiki Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk) as Nile and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Doctor Strange) as Copley. It will also feature Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin) as Yusuf Al-Kaysani, Kiki Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk) as Niles Freeman, Matthias Schoenaerts (Red Sparrow) as Sebastian le Livre, Luca Marinelli (Trust) as Nicolo di Genova, Harry Melling (The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs) as Merrick and Veronica Ngo (Bright).

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The Old Guard is directed by Gina Prince-Blythewood (Beyond the Lights) from a script written by comic book creator Greg Rucka as he makes his feature screenplay debut. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger of Skydance are set to produce. Marc Evans, Theron and her Denver and Delilah principals Beth Kono and AJ Dlx will also produce. Stan Wlodkowski and Rucka will serve as executive producers.

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