A Serial Killer is on the Loose in the Summer of '84 Official Trailer

A Serial Killer is on the Loose in the Summer of ’84 Trailer

Gunpowder & Sky have released the official trailer for their horror thriller Summer of ’84, helming from RKSS, the directors of the cult Netflix hit Turbo Kid. Check out the trailer now in the player below, as well as the poster and photos in the gallery!

Every serial killer is somebody’s neighbor. For 15-year-old Davey, the thought of having a serial killer in his suburban town is a scary yet exciting prospect at the start of a lazy summer. In hormonal overdrive, Davey and his friends dream of sexual conquests until the news reports of the Cape May killer. Davey convinces his friends that they must investigate, and they uncover that his next-door neighbor, an unassuming, single police officer, could be the prime suspect. Could Davey possibly be right, or is it his overactive imagination?

Summer of ’84 stars Graham Verchere (FargoThe Good Doctor), Judah Lewis (DemolitionThe Babysitter), Cory Gruter-Andrew (The 100), Caleb Emery (GoosebumpsAmerican Vandal), and Rich Sommer (Mad Men). It’s written by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith, having previously been selected for the 2016 Blood List, a list of the best screenplays in the ‘dark’ genres — horror, thriller, dark comedy and science fiction — as voted on by industry professionals. The film is directed by Anouk Whissell, Francois Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissel, aka RKSS.

The movie hits theaters on August 10, 2018, and will arrive On Demand and on Digital HD on August 24, 2018.


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