Gold Star Trailer: See Robert Vaughn’s Final Role

See Robert Vaughn’s final role in the Gold Star trailer

Turn Key Films has released the trailer for Gold Star, the moving drama that features the final screen role for acting legend Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Magnificent Seven, Superman III, Hustle). Check out the Gold Star trailer below, along with the poster and film stills in the gallery!

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Forced to play piano at an early age by her father, who once dreamed of a career as a pianist, Vicki (Victoria Negri) became a prodigy at Juilliard. But she’s given up and dropped out, paralyzed by the sense that this is her father’s dream and not her own. When her 90-year-old father Carmine suffers a debilitating stroke, Vicki returns home to Connecticut full-time in order to be his caretaker. Resisting the responsibility as she battles her internal conflict of being a normal 20-something-year-old figuring her life out and almost being a full-time caregiver, we share in her journey as she watches her father fade from her life. He is virtually paralyzed, so she must do everything for him, including lifting him into and out of bed via a crane, adjusting his positioning, cleaning his face and more. The gulf between them has never seemed wider. Ultimately this film is about a father and daughter accepting each other and themselves at the precise moment where one of them is slipping away.

Written and directed by Victoria Negri, the film co-stars Catherine Curtin and Jacob Heimer and was produced by Negri, Katie Maguire, Effie Fradelakis and Ellyn Vander Wyden.

Gold Star arrives in theaters and on VOD on November 10.


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