See Noomi Rapace in Action in an Exclusive Rupture Clip!

Gruesome psychological body horror film Rupture opens in theaters on April 28th

Writer/director Steven Shainberg is a gifted artist, having helmed two of the most daring films of this century to date: 2002’s rump-paddling S&M romance Secretary and 2006’s whimsical and weird truth-based fantasy Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. Shainberg returns with the psychological body horror film Rupture, a film that – like all of his work – transcends the confines of genre.

The film stars the brilliant Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus), the amazing Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski, Fargo, 8MM), Kerry Bishe (AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, Argo), and Michael Chiklis (FX’s The Shield, Fantastic Four) in a story of mad science, paranoia and possible physical transformation.

Rapace stars as Renee Morgan, a single mom, who is deathly terrified of spiders.  While in route to meet up with a friend, she is violently abducted by a group of strangers. After enduring intense yet strange questioning and examinations, some about her fear of spiders, Renee soon discovers that she is now the subject of an underground experiment. Her captors explain to her that she has a genetic abnormality that can potentially allow her to “rupture” and reveal her alien nature. Renee must find a way to escape before it is too late.

AMBI Media Group have already released Rupture exclusively on DIRECTV and it will hit theaters, VOD and Digital HD on April 28th. To warm you up for this icky, fascinating flick, we have an exclusive clip to share in which Rapace kicks into overdrive to plan her escape and liberate a fellow “prisoner”…that is until he shows her his trouser snake. Literally.

Just watch…



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