The Assignment Movie Trailer: Michelle Rodriguez is a Hitman Turned Hitwoman


Michelle Rodriguez is a hitman turned hitwoman in The Assignment movie. Will you check out The Assignment movie?

Michelle Rodriguez is a hitman turned hitwoman in Walter Hill’s The Assignment movie

Lionsgate and Saban Films have just released the trailer for their upcoming The Assignment movie. From director Walter Hill (48 Hrs., The Warriors), The Assignment movie stars Michelle Rodriguez as a hitman who, as an act of revenge, is surgically altered to become a woman. Check out the trailer in the player below and see the film’s poster design in full in the gallery viewer at the bottom of this page.

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In The Assignment, hitman Frank Kitchen (Rodriguez) is given a lethal assignment, but after being double-crossed, he discovers he’s not the man he thought he was—he’s been surgically altered and now has the body of a woman. Seeking vengeance, Frank heads for a showdown with the person (Sigourney Weaver) who transformed him, a brilliant surgeon with a chilling agenda of her own.

While The Assignment marks the first time that Sigourney Weaver has starred in a film that Walter Hill has directed, the pair are no stranger creatively. Hill served on producer on the first four films in the Alien franchise.

The Assignment movie also stars Tony Shalhoub (Monk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace, The Code) and Caitlin Gerard (When We Rise, American Crime). It arrives from an original screenplay by Hill and Denis Hamill based on an idea that Hamill originated back in 1978. Now available via Ultra VOD, The Assignment will get a limited theatrical release beginning April 7.

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