Max Rose Trailer: Jerry Lewis Returns to the Big Screen

Watch the Max Rose trailer.

The Max Rose trailer offers a look at Jerry Lewis’ first big screen role in more than 25 years

Lightstream Entertainment has today brought online the Max Rose trailer, which you can check out in the player below. Written and directed by Daniel Noah (Twelve, I’m From The Future), the film also has the distinction of welcoming back to the big screen Jerry Lewis for his first theatrical role in decades. In addition to the Max Rose trailer, you can find the poster for the film in the gallery viewer at the bottom of this page.

The film follows retired jazz pianist Max Rose (Lewis). Though his career wasn’t everything he hoped for, Max always felt like a success because his beautiful, elegant Eva (Claire Broom) was by his side. Then, while going through her effects, he discovers a love note from another man, a shocking revelation that leads him to believe his entire marriage, indeed, his entire life, was built on a lie. Following a period of anger and withdrawal, Max decides to confront Ben (Dean Stockwell) the man who “stole” his wife in the hope that what he learns will provide the answers he so desperately needs.

Max Rose also stars Kevin Pollak as Max’s son and Kerry Bishé as Max’s granddaughter with additional roles for Mort Sahl, Illeana Douglas, Rance Howard, and Lee Weaver.

Max Rose opens in New York on September 2, in Los Angeles on September 9 with plans to then go nationwide through October.

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