CS Video: Christian Bale and the Knight of Cups Cast


CS sits down with the Knight of Cups cast.

Join Christian Bale and his fellow Knight of Cups cast members for a look behind the scenes of Terrence Malick’s latest

In a tarot deck, the Knight of Cups represents an dreamer who, despite his or her passion for art and culture, is bored by the surrounding world and is in constant need of new experiences. In the new Terrence Malick film, hitting theaters in a limited release this Friday, that’s exactly who Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale is playing. Bale plays a screenwriter by the name of Rick and Malick’s frame dances poetically in and around Rick’s world as he searches for a deeper sense of self and tries to push away the pain of being alive. 

Bale recently joined fellow Knight of Cups cast members Wes Bentley, Teresa Palmer and Freida Pinto for a sit-down conversation with ComingSoon.net. In the player below, you can watch as they explain how acting in a Terrence Malick film is an experience like none other. Malick, whose previous credits includes films like Badlands, The Thin Red Line and The Tree of Life, deals less with a distinct narrative and more with the ephemeral power of images and sounds. As such, the actors aren’t sure themselves what’s going to make the final cut and are encouraged instead to find truth in the moment. The end result is a dreamlike flow of thoughts that follows Rick on his strange odyssey. 

The Knight of Cups cast also includes Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Brian Dennehy, Antonio Banderas, Isabel Lucas and Imogen Poots.

Knight of Cups is executive produced by Glen Basner and Tanner Beard. Catch it in theaters March 4 via Broad Green Pictures. If you haven’t already seen it, click here to watch the Knight of Cups trailer.

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