CS Video Interviews with The 5th Wave Cast


Video interviews with The 5th Wave cast.

Video interviews with The 5th Wave cast

The 5th Wave tells the story of Cassie Sullivan (Chloё Grace Moretz), a young girl whose life is ripped apart when aliens invade Earth. There have been four waves of attacks and the fifth attack is imminent. Separated from her little brother and her father, she’s forced to survive on her own until she meets up with Evan (Alex Roe), a mysterious man who she may or may not be able to trust. Meanwhile, her high school crush Ben (Nick Robinson) becomes part of a military group working to take down the aliens alongside the harsh but effective Ringer (Maika Monroe), who has a secret past.

The film looks at how society would break down in the face of an enemy you can’t fight and when there is no one you can trust. In fact, the film opens with Cassie confronting a man in a gas station minimart and deciding whether or not he’s a threat. What happens when you get it wrong? Is trust worth the risk when you’re dealing with a faceless threat?

We recently got a chance to chat with Moretz, Roe, Robinson and Monroe about the film and the novel by Rick Yancey that it’s based on. We asked whether or not they were fans of the book, what we’ll get to see if there is a sequel based on the second book, and an epic military battle that was really difficult to shoot. We got a little more info about The 5th Wave cast and how they interacted on set and worked with director J Blakeson. We also get a little tidbit about Monroe’s audition.

Sony Pictures will release The 5th Wave in theaters on January 22, 2016. Check out what The 5th Wave cast had to say in the player below.