The ‘Terminator 2’ Honest Trailer Brings Up a Lot of Good Points

TriStar Pictures

My favorite line in the new honest trailer for James Cameron‘s Terminator 2: Judgment Day comes just after it notes how the CGI in the now 24-year-old film is really not much worse than it is today adding, “When all we really want is a story about a hero who sacrifices himself to save humanity even if it means leaving behind the only people that ever loved him.”

Now that quote is obviously specific to T2, but it is so spot on. The CGI and special effects in a movie are typically the last thing we’re talking about after we’re drawn in to the story. I can’t think of many examples other than the recent Jurassic World for its spectacle, where the “wow factor” of a movie impressed me enough to actually enjoy the movie. Hell, even with how much fun I had with Jurassic World the film was still hindered by dumb characters doing dumb things.

There’s a lot more to digest in this honest trailer, which is actually one of the few times the ScreenJunkies crew takes a look at a universally loved movie and manages to actually make a good, and funny honest trailer for it. Give it a watch below. Though, would anyone ever say Edward Furlong actually showed promise?

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