Nicole Kidman is the ‘Queen of the Desert’ in First Trailer & Poster

Queen of the Desert trailer

Photo: Atlas Distribution

An international trailer for Werner Herzog‘s Queen of the Desert starring Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, an historian, novelist and member of the British secret service that played a decisive role around 1920 in setting the course for the new political order in the Middle East has premiered.

The trailer comes courtesy of the Turkish website as the film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year to a middling response and was picked up by Atlas Distribution for a U.S. release, though no date has yet been set for release.

Along with Kidman the film co-stars Robert Pattinson, Damian Lewis and James Franco as it follows the story of Belle as she journeys to Tehran and, after a tragic love affair, gives up on her private life, setting out to discover the region as an explorer going down in history as ‘the female Lawrence of Arabia’.

Watch the trailer and check out the first poster below.

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Queen of the Desert poster