Watch: Vincent Cassel Deals with an 11-Year-Old Assassin in Trailer for ‘Partisan’


Partisan trailer
Vincent Cassel in Partisan
Photo: Madman

By the end of next week we should have more than enough films to fill our anticipated lists as the Sundance Film Festival is underway and one such film premiering in Park City is the thriller Partisan from director Ariel Kleiman and starring Vincent Cassel.

The story centers on 11-year-old assassin, Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel), who begins thinking for himself, posing a problem for his father figure, and mentor, Gregori (Cassel). Here’s the official synopsis if you’re looking for a little deeper insight into what to expect:

The charismatic Gregori (Vincent Cassel) saunters into a hospital maternity ward and charms new mother Susanna. Eleven years later, she and her son Alexander live in Gregori’s closed community, sheltering vulnerable women and their brood in a haven isolated from the outside world. Alexander is Gregori’s prize pupil, eldest son, and star employee in the cottage industry–in which the kids are trained to run dangerous errands to provide for the group–but Gregori feels threatened by the boy’s inquisitive nature, struck by the fear that his child might not love him anymore. Meanwhile, Alexander begins to think for himself.

The film screens for the first time this Sunday, check out the trailer below along with a few additional pictures.





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