Watch: Full Trailer for ‘The Master’


Joaquin Phoenix in The Master

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s highly anticipated film The Master has arrived following our first look at the poster earlier this morning.

The film is set to hit theaters on October 12 and features Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd, a man who creates a fringe religion following his return home after witnessing the horrors of WWII and tries to rediscover who he is in post-war America. He soon gains a following, and a young drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) eventually becomes his right-hand man. Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Lena Endre, Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky, Rami Malek and Joshua Close co-star.

Comparisons to Scientology have been made and are quite obvious, but beyond any gossip headlines, this has quickly become one of my most anticipated films and one that surely will be discussed throughout the coming awards season.

Check out the trailer below and if you missed the poster this morning click here to give it a peek, it’s a doozy.

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