Bust Out the ‘Beat-Beat’ Technique, ‘The FP’ is Coming Your Way


Photo: Drafthouse Films

I was going to write an article about the news Matthew Vaughn is going to direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class, but quite frankly I don’t care. All that means is that Vaughn won’t be directing something more interesting. So… yeah… Whatever.

However, a new press release landed in my inbox that I was originally going to ignore until I saw Vince over at Film Drunk slathering it with all the inappropriate words I’ve come to expect and admire him for. The film is The FP and it was just picked up for distribution by Drafthouse Films who will also be bringing you the excellent Foreign Language nominee Bullhead in just over two weeks on February 17.

The FP is short for Frazier Park from which co-directors and brothers Jason and Brandon Trost originate and Vince describes it as “probably the best quasi-dystopian hero’s journey set in the world of competitive dance video games written in a fully-realized alternate street vernacular that I’ve ever seen.” I’m guessing there’s not actually a lot of competition in that genre, but for what it’s worth his enthusiasm is noted. That said, here’s the official synopsis:

After hometown hero BTRO (Brandon Barrera) is slain on the dance platform by trash-talking thug leader L Dubba E, his protege little brother JTRO (Jason Trost) vows never to duel again and vanishes into self-imposed isolation. A year later, he’s located by distressed former gang-mate KC/DC (Art Hsu) and learns of the desperate state of The FP. Not only is the neighborhood in pieces; the villainous L Dubba E has his claws on Stacey (Caitlyn Folley), JTRO’s ultimate crush. There’s no other choice; our hero must return to restore order and regain the pride of his hometown. KC/ DC enlists guru BLT (Nick Principe) to school JTRO in the sacred art of ancient “Beat-Beat” technique via rigorous training sequences. Eventually, JTRO defeats enough low-ranking challengers to earn his cage match with Dubba E, and hopefully win back The FP along with the heart of Stacey.

Now the film will be having a slow roll out, so don’t go looking for it immediately, but it will premiere in Los Angeles on February 25 and will open theatrically on March 16 in the following theaters and markets:

  • New York City, NY – The Village East Cinema
  • Los Angeles, CA – The Cinefamily
  • Orange County, CA – AMC Orange
  • Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Alamo Drafthouse Village
  • San Francisco, CA – The Roxie Theater
  • Seattle, WA – The SIFF Theater
  • Portland, OR – The Hollywood Theatre
  • Chicago, IL – The Music Box
  • Cambridge, MA – The Brattle Theatre
  • Houston, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
  • San Antonio, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
  • Denver, CO – The Denver Film Center
  • Washington DC – AMC Hoffman
  • Dallas, TX – AMC Arlington
  • Dallas, TX – AMC Mesquite
  • Phoenix, AZ – AMC Arizona Center
  • Phoenix, AZ – AMC Westgate
  • Tampa, FL – AMC Veterans
  • Miami, FL – AMC Aventura
  • Atlanta, GA – AMC South Lake
  • Baltimore, MD – AMC Owings
  • Philadelphia, PA – AMC Cherry Hill
  • Pittsburg, PA – AMC Waterfront
  • Detroit, MI – AMC Forum
  • San Diego, CA – AMC Mission Valley
  • St. Louis, MO – AMC West Olive
  • Minneapolis, MN – Lagoon Cinema (opens 3/23)

So there you have it, now check out the not safe for work trailer from its South by Southwest premiere and you can click here if you want to check out the poster and a few images from the film. Oh, and for those of you that aren’t easily offended, click here for Vince’s article at Film Drunk, it’s worth it for the second paragraph and image of the Ewok alone.