The Family Friendly ‘Avatar’ Trailer

Sam Worthington in Avatar
Photo: 20th Century Fox

After seeing this I wonder if Avatar will be PG or PG-13 because this trailer is obviously aimed at an audience 10 or 12-years-old and younger with its happy-go-lucky music and bouncy voice over basically telling us to look forward to a wild and wonderful ride on an alien planet. By the sound of it Indiana Jones may show up and have a rip-rootin’ good time!

I guess it all depends on how graphic the violence is. One thing I believe is the case, the MPAA tends to go lighter on alien violence than it does on human violence. So if it’s a bunch of aliens getting blown away perhaps it can earn a PG rating, but in all honesty I am expecting a PG-13 rating, and parents will take their children to see it anyway.

Check out the new trailer below. Avatar hits theaters on December 18, click here for more trailer and pictures from the film.

Thanks to In Contention for the heads up.