Live-Action ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’ International Trailer

I had almost forgot why I added the 2000 anime feature Blood: The Last Vampire to my NetFlix Instant Queue, but the arrival of an international trailer (via First Showing) for the upcoming live-action adaptation from French helmer Chris Nahon reminded me. The original film isn’t recognized as one of the greatest anime films of all-time, but it does have an interesting premise.

Saya is a secret slayer of demons sent undercover to a military base in Tokyo just before Halloween. Posing as a student, Saya discovers that the student body is slowly being turned into shape-shifting vampire creatures. As the gruesome blood-sucking threat grows, Saya finds that she and her special sword are Tokyo’s only hope in its battle to remain human.

The central character will be played by Jeon Ji Hyun in the live-action version and I have a feeling, after watching a little college hoops, I will be giving the original anime a watch tonight, it’s available on NetFlix Instant Play. After all, it’s only 48 minutes long.

Blood: The Last Vampire doesn’t have an official US release date yet but it is expected to debut at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival on April 29. You can check out the Japanese official site right here. I have also added the original Japanese trailer from the official site below the new one.

International Trailer

Japanese Trailer


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