Martin Channels Clouseau Again in ‘Pink Panther 2’ Trailer


I am consistently shocked at how well received Steve Martin’s remake The Pink Panther did in 2006. I don’t say this because I saw it and hated it, I say this because I avoided it for fear I would hate it. It then went on to make over $80 million and earned a Certified Fresh 88% Rotten Tomatoes rating. What this says to me is that I need to get my ass out and rent it so I know what the hell I am really in for with The Pink Panther 2 which hits theaters on February 6, 2009 and just had its trailer debut online.

In the sequel Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina and Aishwarya Rai have signed on as detectives and experts who join forces with Clouseau (Steve Martin) to catch a thief who has been stealing artifacts around the world. Yay!

Check out the trailer below and weigh in with your thoughts. The one thing I got from it is that they seem to be taking the slapstick quotient up a couple hundred notches compared to the original Sellers pics. I mean, is that shot of Clouseau flying through the air actually in the movie?

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