‘Cloverfield’ Hottie Gets Skerred in ‘Unborn’ Pics and Trailer

Photo: Rogue Pictures

You gotta love how generic this trailer featuring our attractive young star (Odette Yustman) going for a jog and then the troubled nude shot in the shower as key scenes from this trailer make me believe David Goyer’s The Unborn (1/9) is going to be just another flash in the pan horror flick for the start of the year. It appears in this one our lone hottie gets possessed (or is it the little boy that is possessed?) by some evil spirit that was denied access to heaven and has now found a body to inhabit. Where the synopsis loses me is when it says it involves a curse dating back to Nazi Germany, maybe it’s Hitler that is tormenting her.

To go along with the trailer, which you can watch below, we also have seven new pictures from the Rogue Pictures release which you can look at right over here.

You can watch the trailer in high definition at MTV.