UPDATED: ‘Star Trek’ Teaser Trailer and Viral Site Online

So, the Star Trek teaser trailer is now online in an official capacity and with it comes a new viral site. For once I am hoping Paramount sticks with the online insanity since this is one of 2008 films I am most looking forward to.

First off, if you want to finally check out the Star Trek teaser in a non-bootleg format click here for the QuickTime HD or Flash links. Personally I think it is a terrible teaser trailer and as much as I am looking forward to this film this trailer is 100% boring. However, I didn’t expect anything more than a logo so I guess I should be happy.

Secondly, the new viral site is located at NCC-1701.com. I am not sure if you can see it in the image above or not, but there is a little red dot next to where it says “Under Construction”. Clicking that dot from the official site takes you to a viral site where four surveillance cameras are monitoring the work on the USS Enterprise.

When you first get there three of them are working and one is not. They are all fuzzy and what not, but you can change that and get them to look like the screen capture below by sliding the spectrum sliders to approximately 100% each.

Also, if you stick around at the site long enough the “offline” camera will eventually begin working to give you a look at the inside of the Enterprise. I am not sure how long you have to stick around since it was quite a while for me, but it does pop up to show you a corridor. I did my best to get a screen capture and placed it below, it shows up slightly clearer for just a second and it is gone.

Click here or on the pics below to check it out for yourself. The first is an example of what it looks like with one offline, the second is the hidden corridor shot and the third is a mock-up of all of them active.

Here’s the corridor shot.

Here’s all four camera’s working.


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