UPDATED: ‘Superman Returns’ Teaser Trailer.. Not


UPDATED: I have just been informed that this teaser is indeed a fan made trailer, which is damn good news considering it is not up to traditional studio work, but kudos to the fan that made it.

You had better hustle up, because the chances of this one sticking around longer than the 3-day-weekend is just about zero.

Thanks to ‘JT’ we learn that SupermanImagery has up a teaser trailer for Superman Returns, and if this is the official teaser, Warner Bros. is going to have to better than this if they want to sell this flick because this just doesn’t do it.

To check out the teaser click here or the pic above, but I am just telling you now it is not very impressive. By the way, I thought shoulder pads were for ladies, not superheroes.

Superman Returns hits theaters on June 30, 2006.

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