Narnia Map and Teaser Trailer News

That’s right folks word has just come down that more than 200 million viewers in 32 countries, across 12 time zones, will see the first look at The Chronicles of Narnia teaser trailer on Saturday May 7th as it will debut during ABC’s premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The trailer will also air that same evening on the Disney Channel and on four channels across the Starz Entertainment Group network.

Immediately following the broadcast, the trailer will be available online and we will have all the links right here for you once they become available. As far as theaters go you will be able to catch the teaser in front of Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith starting on May 19th.

As for our other bit of news we have obtained a large look at the map of Narnia, which is what the teaser image above came from. You can either click here or on the teaser image to take a much larger look. We will also keep a smaller version available in our Chronicles of Narnia flipbook here.

One last thing Narnia fans may be interested in is the multi-page article USA Today is running at the moment, which also features a look at the film’s digital Aslan. To check that out click here.


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