Schrader’s ‘Exorcist’ Trailer Online


So Schrader’s version of Exorcist: The Beginning will be seeing the light of day after all. Back on Feb 2nd we reported that an MPAA bulletin included the rating for Paul Schrader’s cut of The Exorcist prequel and now it seems more is moving on the Schrader front.

Bloody-Disgusting has some serious goods for us as one of their readers have contributed the trailer for Paul Schrader’s version of the film, which was included on the Australian version of Renny Harlin’s Exorcist: The Beginning DVD, a DVD that hits US shelves on March 1.

To check out the trailer click here, but just as well, is also reporting that the Schrader version will debut at the 23rd Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film and Schrader will be present for the screening.

Schrader’s version of Exorcist: The Beginning, now being deemed Exorcist: The Original Prequel, was scrapped when it was presented as a more psychological film rather than the gory f/x driven movie WB was looking for.

Along with the trailer, BloodyDisgusting has posted 12 images to go along with this news, click here to check those out.

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