CS Video Interview with the Hitman: Agent 47 Cast


CS Video Interview with the Hitman: Agent 47 Cast.

Interview with the Hitman: Agent 47 cast

For 15 years, the Hitman video games have thrilled gamers with the chance to take on the guise of a genetically-enhanced assassin who has to use his brain and skills to take out targets. In 2007, the game’s main character, Agent 47, was brought to life in the movie Hitman and now Agent 47 is back on the screen in the appropriately-titled Hitman: Agent 47.

This time it’s Rupert Friend (Homeland) in the title role as he’s tasked at finding a young woman named Katia (Hannah Ware) but is thwarted at every turn by an equally-enhanced killer going under the name “John Smith” (and played by Zachary Quinto).  

ComingSoon.net had a chance to talk with Friend, Quentin and Ware at the New York junket for the movie, but before the interview, we were given a sneak preview of the new video game, simply called Hitman, which will be released by Square Enix on December 8. Sven Liebold from game developer IO Interactive gave us a look at the game’s Paris location, a luxurious mansion where a fashion show is taking place and which you have to infiltrate to kill your targets. He enthusiastically gave us a tour of the hyper-detailed location and showed us a few ways you can make it through the hundreds of AI characters that interact with you as you try to take out your targets.

After that, we sat down with the above-mentioned trio for the video interview you can watch below, and of course our first question was about whether the video game influenced their performances in the movie.

Hitman: Agent 47 opens nationwide on Friday, August 21 with previews on Thursday night.