The Gift Interview: Joel Edgerton and the Cast of His New Thriller


Meet the cast of Joel Edgerton's directorial debut with our The Gift interview!

Watch’s exclusive The Gift interview with writer, director and star Joel Edgerton as well as stars Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall

This Friday, the newly-launched STX Entertainment is releasing their first feature film with Joel Edgerton’s directorial debut, The Gift. Also scripted by and starring Edgerton (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Warrior), the Blumhouse project is headlined by Jason Bateman (Bad Words, “Arrested Development”) and Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3, The Town). All three talents sat down recently with for a special video interview that you can check out in the player below. Not only does the below The Gift interview run a little longer than the traditional junket piece, it was also conducted at the actual Los Angeles home at which the film was shot. As audiences will see when the film hits theaters this Friday, the home plays its own important role in crafting the tale’s suspenseful tone.

In The Gift, Simon (Bateman) and Robyn (Hall) are a young married couple who have just moved back to Simon’s hometown. They’re soon approached by Gordo (Edgerton), a strange man who claims to have known Simon from high school. Gordo begins to leave gifts for Simon and Robyn, working his way into their lives. There’s something unsettling about him, however, and questions are soon raised about Gordo’s seeming generosity and where his true origins and intentions lie.

In the below conversation, Edgerton explains why The Gift was the right story for which to make his directing debut and also details the real world inspiration for one the many gifts that Gordo offers throughout the story. Check it out in the player below, but please be aware: This The Gift interview does contain some minor spoilers regarding the August 7 release

From the producer of Whiplash and The Purge, Jason BlumThe Gift arrives in theaters this Friday, August 7. Be sure to check out our review and, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch the trailer right here.

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