Experimenter Trailer: Peter Sarsgaard Studies the Human Condition

The Experimenter trailer offers a look at Peter Sarsgaard as Stanley Milgram in the period biopic

Magnolia Pictures has just released the trailer for their upcoming biopic, Experimenter, starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder. Check it out in the player below, courtesy of iTunes Movie Trailers! You can also check out the film’s just-released poster in full in the gallery viewer at the bottom of this page.

The film, set at Yale University in 1961,begins when  Stanley Milgram (Sarsgaard) designs a psychology experiment that still resonates to this day. In it, people think they’re delivering painful electric shocks to an affable stranger (Jim Gaffigan) strapped into a chair in another room. Despite his pleads for mercy, the majority of subjects don’t stop the experiment, administering what they think is a near-fatal electric shock, simply because they’ve been told to do so. With Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s trial airing in living rooms across America, Milgram strikes a nerve in popular culture and the scientific community with his exploration into people’s tendency to comply with authority. Celebrated in some circles, he is also accused of being a deceptive, manipulative monster, but his wife Sasha (Winona Ryder) stands by him through it all. Experimenter invites us inside Milgram’s whirring mind in what aims to be a bracing portrait of a brilliant man whose conscience and creative spirit continues to be resonant, poignant, and inspirational.

Look for Experimenter to hit theaters October 16.