CS Video: Ryan Reynolds Donates His Body to Science in Self/less


CS Video: Ryan Reynolds Donates His Body to Science in Self/less

Ryan Reynolds donates his body to science in Self/less

Ryan Reynolds seems to have returned from whatever break he’s been on with a slew of movies coming out in the next year, which is why you’re likely to be seeing a lot of him on ComingSoon.net this year.

His latest movie is the sci-fi thriller Self/less, which has him starring with Ben Kingsley… not opposite the British Oscar winner, mind you, but actually playing a younger version of him. You see, Kingsley plays wealthy New York realtor Damian Hale, who is dying of cancer, but through a process called “shedding” being offered by the Phoenix Biogenic corporation, his “soul” will be transplanted into a genetically-engineered body. That new body is played by Reynolds, but after the procedure, Damian learns there’s more to the history of the man who he now looks like.

In the video interview below, Reynolds talks about the reasons he was interested in the role and movie, why he and Sir Ben Kingsley didn’t feel they needed to match their moves to play the older and younger Damian Hale, and we also got in a question or two about next year’s long-awaited Deadpool movie at the end. 

Self/less opens nationwide on Friday, July 10 with previews on Thursday night.