CS Video: Meet Max and His Human Co-stars

Hitting theaters this Friday is Warner Bros. and MGM’s four-legged family adventure, Max. The original film tells the story of a military dog who, despite being precision trained to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan, becomes emotionally distraught after the death of his handler, U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell). No longer able to serve, Max is brought through a twist of fate to Kyle’s family in the United States where he comes under the care of Kyle’s teenage brother, Justin (Josh Wiggins). Initially reluctant to accept the responsibility of caring for Max, Justin eventually comes to rely upon Max as he and his friends get caught up in shady business involving one of Kyle’s colleagues.

ComingSoon.net recently sat down with Wiggins, his onscreen parents played by Lauren Graham and Thomas Haden Church, director Boaz Yakin and even Max himself to chat about what went into make the inspirational and patriotic tale. In the player below, you can watch Church explain how his take on former Marine Ray Wincott was largely inspired by his real-life father, while Yakin, who is best known for helming the high school football drama Remember the Titans, explains the fine line between a patriotic story and a jingoistic one.

Also starring Luke Kleintank, Jay Hernandez, Mia Xitlali and Dejon LaQuake, Max was written by Yakin and Sheldon Lettich. Look for the film in theaters June 26.