CS Video: Adam Carolla Hits the Road Hard



Back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, Adam Carolla became quite renowned for his appearances on the hugely popular “The Man Show” and “Loveline” television shows. Everything has to come to an end, and eventually Carolla had to find new ways of making a living, but rather than disappearing from the public consciousness, Carolla maintained a presence on television through a variety of reality and talk shows. More importantly, in 2009, he successfully transitioned his radio show “The Adam Carolla Show” into the most downloaded podcast on the internet.

Even with the amount of time the podcast requires from him, Carolla found the time to co-write, co-direct and star in the comedy Road Hard in which he plays stand-up comic Bruce Madsen, who has many things in common with Carolla from having had a lucrative television career to his enjoyment of carpentry. Life on the road has started to wear down on Bruce and he’s desperately trying to find a regular gig like his former “Bro Show” partner Jack Taylor (Jay Mohr), who now hosts a popular late night talk show.

If any of that sounds familiar, then you’re probably already a Carolla fan, but even if you’re not, Road Hard finds a way to offer some redemption to his snarky character in a film that has a surprisingly touching last act.

Earlier this week, ComingSoon.net sat down with Carolla for an interview, mainly to talk about his new movie and how it differs from his real life, but we also talked briefly about the documentary he directed about actor Paul Newman and his love for racing.

You can check out the entire interview in the video player below.

Road Hard opens in select cities and is available on various On Demand platforms starting Friday, March 6. You can find out where it’s playing or how to order it on the film’s official site.